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募集サイトはこちら ※ご応募は海外国籍の方のみです。


より強まった日本のイメージ Image strengthened


Only by stepping into Japan would I know what it is true about Japan and Japanese. I feel that Japanese are living a life where nature and modernization get alone with each other in harmony and benefit the other. The environment is preserved so well that has beyond my expectation.


It is unbelievable that there is firefly gazing tour in Atami, because firefly is sensitive to the environment thus lives only in special condition. Besides, though there are many hotels in Hakone, they all seem to have fit smoothly into nature. On the other hand, my heart is moved when I saw that drivers and pedestrians thank and wave to each other for their kindness and understanding of humility. To sum up, my image of Japan and Japanese has strengthened from hearing into seeing.



In my opinion, environment preservation is one of the top concerns in Japan, which making Japan a beautiful country where I would choose as the first priority travel destination. Abundant cultural heritages and tradition in Japan also attract me a lot, that I want to try on Kimono, want to visit the Himeji castle and want to participate in any festival ceremony. Japanese are famous for their politeness around the world and they would follow a tight schedule in many aspects.


運には逆らえず…… Luck rules...


My journey in Japan started with searching for my friend’s rental room hopelessly in a maze-like local community under heavy rain. When I was in Senso-ji the other day trying O-mikuji and praying for a peaceful journey, what I got was a “curse”. What is worse, I watched buses or trains, which I intended to take, speeding off just a few steps away from me for many times, that the cumulative waiting time under this situation might have been more than 8 hours in the past 7 days. It forces me to study the timetable whenever I am on the go.


日本の衣服 Japanese clothing


Every nation has its own clothing, but most of the time the traditional clothing will be worn only in activity or ceremony. But Japanese are special, the clothing is closer to daily life that people dressing Kimono in weekdays could always be seen. It is also new to me that the hotel would provide Yukata to guests and recommend people dressing it inside hotel. By trying on Yukata, it is a fun and unique experience of the trip.


メイド Maid


After I had bought some electronic devices, I was stopped by an adorable girl in maid costume delivering advertisement. I knew maid coffee shop and wanted to have a try, therefore I followed her to the shop and tried omelet rice and coffee. I have to admit that I was firstly fascinated by her looks and cute dressing. I did not know what she really was, but her passion in work as a “maid” had impressed me that she was a hard working people at her young age. With the help of translator Apps, we had some chatters, from animation to idols in English. She was also talkative and gracious, no wonder she could attract many fans to enjoy themselves in the shop.



I tend to enjoy the trip with flexible arrangement. I canceled the plan to visit Ginza area just because I lost myself appreciating treasures in Tokyo National Museum. I was shocked when I was asked for what time do I prefer to have breakfast and dinner TOMORROW. I randomly picked a time and paid back for my carelessness the next day. Hotel staff called to urge me to have breakfast 10 minutes after the reserved time while I was figuring out how to wear Yukata. I went to the Springs of Mt. Fuji unexpectedly as I had not seen it in Lake Ashi. I was nervous all the way back comparing route and time combination in order to get back in time. I agree that sticking to a timeline is a good manner, while free style of living should be accepted especially in travel industry towards guests from around the world.



All types of public transportations are timely, fast, convenience and comfortable, making me feeling like that if Tokyo were close to Odawara in just a few stops away.

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