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募集サイトはこちら ※ご応募は海外国籍の方のみです。


田園風景は心を癒やす healed in the countryside


I have been to Japan many times, but most of the past trips were in the big city like Tokyo, Osaka.
Before this trip, I thought Japan was a developed country, with many modern buildings and convenient transportation.


This time with this project, I took the JR to the place far from city, Visiting many spots which I did’t know before.
Every time I went to Japan I always got a new image of it. That’s why Japan is always a charming place to me.
In this trip I went to Shinoomachi, Nagano and Kobuchizawa, Yamanashi. These two stations are very small, very special to me.


The activities and people there made me warm and feel healed.
I had a feeling of escaping the nervous daily life, making me really relaxing in this trip
To compare with cities, I thinks small towns have different characteristic.
I experienced the nature of Japan and enjoyed the hot springs and forest environment a lot.
I think everybody should slow down, escape from the busy life, and have a relaxing trip in Japan.



I have great interest in japan dramas so most of my impressions came from those dramas.I think Japanese are very polite and proud of there jobs.I have the impression that Japanese always try to do their best when working, so many delicate things are created.
Also, I think Japan is clean and beautiful everywhere.Shops, restaurants, streets are all clean.And I always amazed by the cleanness of the toilet, it’s impossible to find that kind of cleanness in another countries.


伝統的活動と特別な場所 Traditional activities and special places

003界 アルプスでの夕食の後、私は餅つきなどの伝統的な日本の活動を体験しました。

After my diner in KAI Alps, I experience traditional Japanese activities such as pounding mochi rice cake.
I saw it on the TV and anime before, but I never try it.
This time I had a chance to make the mochi by Myself.It’s really interesting.

004リゾナーレ 八ヶ岳では、スタッフのナガセさんが、Zonaチャペルのライトアップを見に私を連れて行ってくれました。このチャペルは有名な建築家によりデザインされました。チャペルはとても魅力的で、私はその不思議な雰囲気にのみこまれました。

In RISONARE Yatsugatake, staff Ms.Nagase brought me to see the Zona Chapel light up.
This chapel was designed by a famous architect.
The chapel was really fascinating, making me haunted in the magical atmosphere.


素晴らしく保存された伝統建築 The well preserved traditional architecture


I think Japaness make great effort to preserved traditional cultures.
In the trip I visited Matsumoto Castle.
The castle was very majestic and beautuful. And the exhibition inside made me now the history of the castle well.
Matsumoto castle is a unique and history-laden place. The stairs inside were really steep and the wood construction was complicated.
It’s a pity that the weather was not well that day, so I think I will go there again in the future.


親切な地元の人々はいつも私を助けようと最善を尽くしてくれました。 Warm-hearted local people always tried there best to help me.


I met some troubles in the trip, such as I couldn’t find my way or I didn’t know the how to pay for the bus,etc.
When I looked confused, many local people were enthusiastic to help me and taught me the right ways to do.
If I had difficult in communicating with people, there are always another people trying to solve my problem.
Because I had a trip by myself, many local people were curious about me, wanted to ask me some questions, and we had interesting conversations.
I think Japanese people are really kind and friendly to tourist and I had great memory there.


ホテルの最終シャトルバス (の出発時刻) は早すぎると思います。

It’s really far from Tokyo to the hotel at the first day.
To get to the destination, I transferred many times with JR. It cost lots of time.
I think the final shuttle bus of the hotel is too early.
Therefore I could only approach the hotel by Taxi after I arrived Shinoomachi station.
I hope there would be more shuttle bus or reserved shuttle bus.I think it will be better for the communication between station and hotel.


Although I spend a lot of time, I saw beautiful landscape on the train.
Besides, because every train is unique and had special decoration on it, it was interesting to experience different kind of train.


012Telecom Wifiはとても役に立ちました。旅のルートを検索したり、地図を確認するのにTelecom Wifiを使いました。また、Telecom Wifiを使ってJRの時刻表を簡単に確認できました。

Telecom Wifi helps me a lot.
I used it to search the route of my trip and check the map.
Also, with the WIFI, it’s easy to check the time schedule of JR.

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