On April 30, 2024, OTTO SETTE

Restaurant Concept
"Vino e Verdura"

‘Vino e Verdura’ means wine (Vino) and vegetables (Verdura) in Italian.
From appetizers to desserts, we use a variety of vegetables in all our dishes, allowing you to enjoy the marriage of locally sourced ingredients and Yamanashi wines.

Innovative Italian Cuisine

We offer a course meal featuring a variety of vegetables in every dish, from appetizers to desserts. With 30 different types of vegetables, each plate is a testament to the chef's creativity. You can enjoy dishes such as those symbolizing the vegetable fields of the Yatsugatake area in Yamanashi Prefecture, or appetizers cleverly incorporating grape leaves and corks, inspired by wine. Each dish reflects the chef's passion and dedication.

Carefully selected wines

Our wine cellar, boasts approximately 500 varieties and 2,000 bottles, focusing on wines from Yamanashi and Italy. A wine sommelier, well-versed in the flavors of Yatsugatake, offers exclusive pairings that can only be experienced here.

Space design inspired by a wine cave

The vaulted ceiling, reminiscent of a wine cave, was built to store and age wine. Sofas made from the same oak wood as the wine casks and walls in hues inspired by the color of the wine create a pleasant time.

Introduction of the Chef


Born in 1981, from Nagano Prefecture.He honed his skills at hotels in Yamanashi Prefecture, then joined RISONARE Yatsugatake in 2012.In July 2021, he assumed the position of Chef at OTTO SETTE.

A Message from Chef KAMATA

We have been maximizing the potential of vegetables grown in the blessed environment of Yatsugatake, proposing encounters with ingredients unique to this region. Moving forward, our goal is to cultivate Italian vegetables in collaboration with local producers, utilizing vegetables that are 'born in Italy, raised in Yamanashi,' and expanding the range of our menu offerings.


April 30, 2024 -
17:30 - 20:15 (Last Order/Reservation Required)
Dinner Course
Adults ¥15,730
For 7-11 year ¥8,470
For 4-6 year ¥6,050
Reservations required
Use with your dog: Only exclusive seats available, reservation required
TEL +81-551-36-5200 (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

Special accommodation
plan to celebrate the renewal of

To celebrate the renewal, we have prepared a dinner and breakfast plan with OTTO SETTE course dinner and wine pairing for a limited time.

Plan Contents

  • ・Accommodation
  • ・OTTO SETTE course dinner + wine pairing
  • ・Breakfast (buffet)
  • ・Swimming pool "il mare" with free pass during stay

¥35,980 per person~