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OMO7 Osaka

PIKAPIKA NIGHT: Enjoying Night at Osaka

This is a free event limited to guests who can enjoy strolling in a yukata while viewing Osaka-themed "Naniwa Neon Art" decorations in the "Miya-green" garden area.
You can indulge in the behavior of your neighbors' takoyaki and craft beer, and have a luxurious time watching a rather unusual fireworks display.


1"Naniwa Neon Art" and Special nighttime "PIKAPIKA Fireworks"

In the Miya-green, which has a large lawn area, terrace deck and walking path, “Naniwa Neon Art” with a motif that symbolizes Osaka has appeared! You can spend the time you want in the nighttime Miya-green, looking at the neon art with warm and bright lights. Fireworks shoot off the exterior film covering the hotel walls. Fun animations related to Osaka, such as tigers, octopuses, and Kuidaore dolls will illuminate the night for a special night in Osaka!

2Lanterns, takoyaki and craft beer

A neon-decorated “neighborhood stand after a bath” appears on the terrace deck by the “Yuya” public bath. A professional cooker from “Aizuya” will make takoyaki, a round, fried food made from flour-based batter, and small pieces of tender octopus in front of you upon order. Refresh your pallet with a cold glass of craft beer from “Derailleur Brew Works,” a brewery located in the next-door neighborhood of Nishinari, and “Kamigata Beer,” a bathhouse turned brewery. Non-alcoholic seasonal soft drinks will also be available.

“PIKAPIKA Lantern” is a must-have item to match your yukata (Japanese summer kimono), which can be picked up at the lobby. Eight original lanterns featuring Billiken and Tsutenkaku Tower are available. With your choice of illustrations and lighting colors, these colorful lanterns will surely make you want to take a photo and feel excited.

3Naniwa Record Music, selected by the owner of a record shop in the neighborhood

A record player is installed in different areas of the Miya-green. The music played is each selected by a record shop owner in the neighborhood of different ages and tastes of music. Enjoy different types of music, all inspired by Osaka, and take turns selecting which record you want to hear that night. Compare the unique sounds from the record, which have a different feel from speakers and earphones we may be familiar with.

All Year
7:30 PM~10:00 PM
*PIKAPIKA Fireworks from 7:45/8:15/8:45/9:15/9:45 PM
Garden area "Miya-green"
The program may be changed or canceled depending on the weather conditions.
The program may be changed depending on the availability of the product.