Six features that will boost your travel

  • The best location for experiencing the charm of the city

    The hotel is located in an area filled with the city's charm. If you stay here, you will be sure to fully enjoy a stay in the city.

  • Comfortably designed rooms

    The rooms are spaces of relaxation, furnished with all the features and comforts for a pleasant stay in the city. You can choose a room that suits the style of your trip.

  • Energizing your city stay

    It is important to fuel your body in order to enjoy your trip. We provide delicious meals that will satisfy your appetite and your heart, at any time and any occasion.

  • Lively OMO base

    The atmosphere is always festive, with time for chatting in a café, events to enjoy city walks, and amazing nightlife.

  • The best ways to enjoy the area

    From city walks, gourmet food, and novelty shops, to zoos, temples and shrines, our staff who love this area will suggest ways to have fun that you won't find in guidebooks.

  • Unique group of staff who love the city

    Our staff members will tell you about the charms of the city from their own individual perspectives. They are full of special stories that no one else can tell.

The secret of OMO's numbers

The numbers and icons represent the hotel type, helping you to choose an OMO that fits your travel goals perfectly.
  • OMO1

    Capsule Hotels

    Perfect for minimalistic travelers
    Local Guide ActivitiesGo-KINJO Map&OMO Base
  • OMO3

    Basic Hotels

    Ideal for an easy-going trip
    Grab & Go BreakfastLocal Guide ActivitiesGo-KINJO Map&OMO Base
  • OMO5

    Boutique Hotels

    Brimming with design and charms of the area
    CafeCafe BreakfastLocal Guide ActivitiesGo-KINJO Map&OMO Base
  • OMO7

    Full-service Hotels

    A landmark of the city
    Cafe / Restaurant / Banquetbreakfast buffetLocal Guide ActivitiesGo-KINJO Map&OMO Base
  • Airport Hotel

    An Airport hotel like no other
    Spa&FitnessAirport AccessExpress Full BuffetGo-KINJO Map&OMO Base


  • YAGURA Room

  • Local Gourmet


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