The elevated bed makes full use of the walls and the vertical space.
It is a private space that can be enjoyed somewhat like a secret base.

YAGURA Room Six Special Features


The room is lined with tatami mats, which are comfortable for bare feet.
A private space where you can take your shoes off and relax.


The "box staircase" leading to the bed stores all things big and small, from suitcases to accessories.


The upper loft of the yagura Japanese-style wooden tower is a bed space, while the lower loft is a sofa for lounging on.

Take your time relaxing on the sofa without worrying about disturbing your companion who is already in bed.


The "Multifunctional Wall" is integrated with functions such as a TV, mirror, hanger, and towel rack, and the space is wide despite being compact.


Lower the roll-up curtain to instantly turn the vanity area into a changing room.


Fully appointed with a bathtub, the spacious bathroom is a relaxing space where you will enjoy the scent of cyprus.

OMO5 Okinawa Naha recommended plan

[Limited number of rooms] Half price for elementary school students! Great value family trip

We have prepared a limited number of plans that allow you to experience the Yagura Room, which is like a secret base that symbolizes OMO, at a discount only now. (until June 30, 2024)

High floor guaranteed! Yagura room plan (no meals)

This plan promises a high floor floor above the 13th floor with a great view. From the large windows of the high-ceilinged Yagura Room, enjoy the views unique to the upper floors, such as the vast ocean stretching beyond the city, large cruise ships, and airplanes flying comfortably across the blue sky.

Facilities to stay in Yagura Room

OMO5 Okinawa Naha

Beating hearts in Okinawa

The capital city of Naha, gateway to the Okinawan islands, intoxicates with its colorfully eclectic mix of things Ryukyuan, Japanese, Chinese, and American. Even a casual foray into the streets is like a visit to a vast open-air bazaar, with something new around every corner. After one visit you’ll be hooked for more.

Example accommodation fee

1Night (s) 2day (s)(3 Guests・Room Rate)
1 Night 1 Guest

OMO5 Kumamoto

Lively castle town in the center of Kyushu

Fans of the OMO style of plugged-in stays now have a place to gather in Kyushu, right in the castle-town capital of Kumamoto. Just a half hour from Aso Kumamoto Airport and the shinkansen line at Hakata, this base offers easy, direct access to the countless ways locals show their love of things edgy and new.

Example accommodation fee

1Night (s) 2day (s)(4 Guests・Room Rate)
1 Night 1 Guest
2024.03.29 Published
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