Hoshino Resorts Mellowwood Golf Club

A hill course with the harmony of light, water, and green

A gently undulating hill course that takes advantage of the natural topography at an altitude of 700m. Enjoy golf with a sense of openness in the vast and beautiful nature overlooking Mt. Bandai and Lake Inawashiro.

Club Information

Hole Information


BT 3,396yards/RT 3,046yards/FT 2,803yards

LT 2,648yards/PT 2,636yards


BT 3,396 yards/RT 3,117 yards/FT 2,895 yards

LT 2,696 yards/PT 2,660 yards

Course information

Hall / 18 holes, PAR72, 6,792Y

Designer / Eiichi Motohashi

Construction / Pannya Planning Co., Ltd.

Type / Hill Area / 1,050,000m²

green / vent

Number of greens / 1 green

In-course cart entry / not allowed


Drive contest: OUT No. 8 (No. 5) IN No. 14 (No. 15)

Near pin: OUT No. 4 (No. 7) IN No. 11 (No. 16)

Local Rules
  1. Out-of-bounds is marked with white stakes, penalty areas with red stakes, and repair sites with blue stakes or white lines.

  2. In all holes, if the first stroke is out of bounds (OB), the ball can be struck with the fourth stroke from the special tee.

  3. No. 3, 4, 13, and 16 holes, if the first stroke is in the penalty area, the ball can be struck with the third stroke from the special tee.

  4. The ball can be picked up without penalty and dropped to within one club length away from the hole if the ball is in the following situations:[Roads, rocks, mesh boxes, stumps, ditches, under drainage channels, sprinklers, and other remediable obstacles provided for in Article 24 of the JGA Consultation Rules.]

  5. In the general area, anywhere the ball is digging into the ground with the force of a batted ball, the ball can be picked up without penalty, wiped, and dropped as close as possible to its original position away from the hole.

  6. The use of clubs other than putters is prohibited on the green.

  7. Changes, additions, and corrections to local rules are posted in the clubhouse and take effect from that date.

  8. All other matters shall be in accordance with the JGA Rules of Competition.


Club Details

Operating days


Start time

7:30-10:00 (every 7/8 minutes)

※1.5R until 13:30 start
Early Bird / 4:30 AM-5:15 AM

※Time to finish half by 7:20 AM
Afternoon / 12:00-1:00 PM

Round Style

Self-play, using a cart


Cash/Credit card only
※Transportation and QR code payments cannot be used.


・You need to pay before the start. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start. ・Customers are responsible for loading and unloading bags and wiping clubs themselves. ・Baths and restaurants are not available. ・Lockers are available for an additional 330 yen. ・Bread is available at the shop, but the number is limited. ・Bathrooms are available on the first floor of the clubhouse, the start hut and the course shop. ・Vending machines at the course shop are cash only. Please prepare small change. ・There is no break after the half, but you may have to wait when it is crowded.

TEL:+81 242-74-5050

FAX: +81 242-74-5159

E-mail: mellowwood@alts.co.jp


Parking lot

Please do not park on the side of the building as it is a parking space for carts.

Master Room

Reception is in the master room. Please check in after signing at the front table. ※Rakuten Check-in is available.

Location: Clubhouse 1st floor


Locker fee 330 yen

※Please let us know at check-in if you wish to use this service.

Not available for Early bird/afternoon.

Location: Clubhouse 1st floor


We sell bread, sweets, balls and small items.

Location: 1st floor of the clubhouse

Shops on the course

There are vending machines. Please prepare small change.

Location: OUT 5/IN 14

Practice range

We have a practice range.

*Balls are sold in the master room. 25 balls/200 yen 150 Y 12 at-bats

Reception hours: 7:00-15:30

※The front desk, restaurant, and public bath are closed.

Early bird

Start with the sunrise! Play ends before 10:00, so you can use the whole day effectively. In the summer, enjoy a leisurely play during the cool hours.



Start from 12:00 to 13:00! After finishing your errands in the morning, enjoy a leisurely round of golf.


Ladies day

Every Monday from May to October is Ladies' Day

Weekday 3,500 yen

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 7,000 yen

Obon (8/11~16) 7,500 yen

※However, reservations from various portal sites (GORA, etc.) are not eligible.

Please apply by phone or online reservation.


For accommodation, please enjoy the buffet style of local cuisine nurtured by the rich nature of Aizu at the "Bandaisan Onsen Hotel" located 17 hours before. We also offer special golf special treatment plans for hotel guests only. *We do not sell golf accommodation packages. Please make a golf reservation after making a hotel reservation.



2023/05/20 Men's and women's club competition / monthly

2023/06/17 Senior Championship/Monthly

2023/07/08 Monthly

2023/08/26 Club Championship/Monthly

2023/09/09 Monthly

2023/10/07 President's Cup

2023/10/14 Monthly

※Only members and athletes can participate.

Open competition

2023/04/29 3rd opening competition

2023/05/03 99th Wednesday Party

2023/06/07 100th Wednesday Party

2023/07/05 101st Wednesday Meeting

2023/07/17 Doubles competition in 2023

2023/08/02 102nd Wednesday Meeting

2023/09/06 103rd Wednesday Meeting

2023/10/04 104th Wednesday Meeting

2023/11/05 9th final competition



Just 15 minutes from the highway exit. Take Bandai Kato I.C. (about 15 minutes) or Inawashiro Bandai Kogen I.C. (about 25 minutes).

Address : 6838-68, Sarashina Shimizudaira, Bandai-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima, Japan #969-3396