Pet Room Policy

For customers staying at the facility with their dogs. Please observe the following terms and conditions for a pleasant stay for all customers.

1. Accommodation fee

For every dog, the accommodation fee is 5,093 yen per night (tax included). This accommodation fee is not included in the payment at the time of reservation, so please make the payment at the facility.

2. Conditions for staying in the pet room

The following conditions must be met. Even if the following conditions are met, if it is judged that the business will be hindered or other guests will be harmed, the Hotel may refuse your stay or request you to cancel the use of the Hotel or facilities even during your stay.

  1. )Conditions for pets
    Your dog must meet the following requirements.

    1. Basic training (no biting, no barking, no jumping, excretion) must be provided.

    2. Must have received the rabies vaccination and combined vaccination (of at least 5 antigens) and must be vaccinated for less than 1 year.
      ※Dogs without rabies and combined vaccine, even with a certificate of exemption from a doctor or hospital, will be asked to refrain from staying at the Hotel. However, for the combined vaccine, if a certificate of antibody test can be submitted to prove that there are enough antibodies, it can be replaced with the certificate of immunization.

    3. No risk of infection with zoonoses.

    4. Not in the treatment or curing period of a disease or injury. In the case of female dogs, please avoid a stay during menstruation and within 2 weeks of menstruation, or during pregnancy.

    5. Not marked by aggression such as raising them as fighting dogs and should not cause fear or aversion towards other people or dogs.

  1. )Conditions for Stay
    The conditions for the stay are as follows:

    1. Please do not shampoo, trim or brush your dog in the guest room or bathroom.

    2. In case your dog excretes outside the toilet, set up inside the guest room, please contact the staff immediately after cleaning is completed by the owner.

    3. When your dog is left alone in the room, please take care of them in the cage.

    4. You are solely responsible for any injury caused by your dog to other guests, employees, and hotel visitors, and for any damage to the property. If any claim is made against the Hotel for these reasons, you will be required to compensate for all damages.

    5. The hotel shall not be responsible for any injury, escape, or death of your dog caused by force majeure such as by natural disaster or accidents while using the facility.