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Spring Cherry Blossom Viewing and Onsen Ryokan with KAI

From March 26 to April 8, 2024, the leading hot spring ryokan brand KAI offers a stay that allows you to experience the spring season while admiring the cherry blossoms at five different facilities: KAI Tamatsukuri, KAI Nagato, KAI Kinugawa, KAI Ito, and KAI Anjin. To enhance the flower viewing experience, we’ve also developed the KAI Flower Viewing Temari Sushi Bento, offering a colorful selection of 15 types of temari sushi at each facility's recommended flower viewing spots. In addition, a flower-viewing onsen bath that allows you to soak in the hot water while gazing at the cherry blossoms is available, proposing a luxurious moment of bathing while enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms.


1“Flower Viewing Temari Sushi Bento” with a Colorful Selection of 15 Types of Temari Sushi

A wooden box with drawers was custom-made for KAI brand, designed to hold the temari sushi. Opening the drawers reveals the colorful temari sushi, offering the excitement of discovering treasures similar to opening a jewel box. The box has four layers: the first layer presents the menu and recommended scenes for enjoying the temari sushi, while the second to fourth layers contain the colorful selection of 15 types of temari sushi that evoke the feeling of spring.

2Unique Cherry Blossom Viewing Experiences at Each Facility

Special attention was paid to the setting in which the “Flower Viewing Temari Sushi Bento” is enjoyed. For example, at KAI Ito and KAI Anjin in Ito Onsen, Shizuoka Prefecture, guests can ride an open bus to tour cherry blossom spots while feeling the spring breeze. This provides a thrilling flower viewing experience with an unobstructed view of the approaching cherry blossoms from seats that offer a sense of openness. Guests can enjoy spreading the bento out on picnic blankets while viewing various types of cherry blossoms unique to the area, such as the Somei Yoshino, weeping cherry, and early-blooming Kawazu cherry and Ito cherry.

In addition, at KAI Nagato in Nagato Yumoto Onsen, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a riverbed terrace exclusive to overnight guests can be privately reserved for up to two groups per day. This offers a prime view of the rafts of flowers floating on the surface of the Otozure River and the fully blooming cherry trees along it, creating a special seat that resembles a tea room for flower viewing and tea kaiseki. Guests can enjoy the cherry blossoms both visually and gastronomically, with the scenery right before their eyes.

3Large Public Baths and Private Open-Air Baths with Cherry Blossom

During the event period, guests can always enjoy the hot springs while admiring the cherry blossoms. The large public baths are decorated with cherry blossoms to facilitate the ultimate feeling of joy while viewing the beautifully blooming cherry blossoms on a spring journey and rejuvenating in the hot springs to regain energy for the next day.

March 26 to April 8, 2024
*The availability varies by facility. Please check the details page of each facility for more information.
Please follow the instructions on the official website of each facility.
KAI Tamatsukuri (Tamatsukuri Onsen, Shimane Prefecture)
KAI Tamatsukuri is near a famous cherry blossom spot where approximately 400 Somei Yoshino cherry trees bloom over a stretch of about 2 kilometers. From March 29 to April 4, 2024, we will be holding the “Cherry Blossoms Dance Tamayura Stay” event, allowing guests to enjoy the 400 cherry trees blooming in the hot spring town. For an extraordinary flower viewing experience, a dedicated rickshaw service will operate after sunset, enabling guests to fully enjoy the fantastic night view of the illuminated cherry blossoms.
KAI Nagato (Nagato Yumoto Onsen, Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Since ancient times, Nagato Yumoto Onsen has been a favorite hot spring destination for historical feudal lords for its healing properties. Along the Otozure River, which flows in front of the inn, a multitude of cherry trees blossom in spring. From March 28 to April 5, 2024, guests can enjoy a luxurious moment on the riverbed terrace with a flower-viewing outdoor tea ceremony experience, as well as nighttime cherry blossom viewing.
KAI Kinugawa (Kinugawa Onsen, Tochigi Prefecture)
KAI Kinugawa is an onsen ryokan situated on a small hill overlooking the mountain stream of Kinugawa. In spring, guests can enjoy the “flower viewing bath,” which changes its expression throughout the day: from cherry blossoms glistening in the soft morning sunlight, to those dyed by the sunset, to a fantastic scene of blossoms illuminated at night.
KAI Ito (Ito Onsen, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Located in Ito Onsen, known for its abundant volume of hot water and quality of its springs, this inn offers baths, a pool, and foot baths for enjoyment. It features a Japanese garden where guests can admire flowers of each of the four season. From March 23 to April 7, 2024, we will operate the “Cherry Blossom Open Bus Tour”, taking guests around famous cherry blossom spots in Ito. This allows guests to experience the spring breeze amidst the beautiful scenery of Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms.
KAI Anjin (Ito Onsen, Shizuoka Prefecture)
An inn with an ocean view from all rooms located in Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, a place associated with the British navigator William Adams (Miura Anjin). The modern interior is themed around the sea and maritime voyages, which is evident throughout the facility. From March 23 to April 7, 2024, KAI Anjin will also operate the “Cherry Blossom Open Bus Tour,” similar to KAI Ito.