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OMO7 Osaka

“Naniwa Neo Classic” Dinner Course

OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resorts is a city tourism hotel for guests to enjoy a fulfilling sightseeing experience in Osaka. Starting on April 7th, 2023, the hotel will begin offering Naniwa Neo Classic, an innovative buffet-style dinner showcasing the essence of Osaka's cuisine. Colorful delicacies embodying Osaka's culinary culture will be available at the buffet, including cuisine that uses traditional Naniwa vegetables.

The buffet's theme is "to express the essence of Osaka's food." Food is essential to Osaka's culture, as evidenced by its reputation of being Japan's “culinary capital,” “gourmet city,” and “national kitchen.” We believe this is due to Osaka's food culture taking root because of its prosperity as a merchant town. We dug deeper and delved into Osaka's food culture and emerged with the keywords: "abundant ingredients," "free and open-minded," and "rationality." Osaka has developed as a commercial city and is now a logistics hub home to not only local ingredients but also ingredients from all over Japan. In other words, it is a land of abundant ingredients. Many of Osaka's dishes were born from rationality unbound by stereotypes, based on free and open-minded ideas as well as efficient, waste-free operations. Therefore, we set this theme in hopes of having people know the essence of Osaka's cuisine and discover new Osaka flavors through dishes devised around the three keywords.


1Hakozushi served at your table as an appetizer

Begin your meal with Hakozushi, a traditional Osaka dish beloved since ancient times, served to your table as your appetizer. Hakozushi is normally made by pressing seafood on sushi rice in a wooden box. However, OMO7 Osaka offers a new style of Hakozushi, with layers of avocado, couscous, potatoes, and other ingredients spread in layers instead of the conventional sushi rice, topping them with seafood and eggs.

2A colorful buffet of Osaka's beloved dishes

After finishing your Hakozushi, your next stop is the buffet section. Our menu includes Mafugu no Tataki Pufferfish Sashimi inspired by the local Osaka dish kassen (assorted sashimi). Taco Rice Paella will be made using Kayaku-gohan rice (*1), as well as Herb-Marinated Mizunasu Eggplants and even Moriguchi Daikon Radish Pickled with Sake Lees, both of which use traditional Naniwa vegetables beloved by the locals of Osaka. For your dessert, indulge in Takoyaki Cake, Hakozushi Cake, Mixed Juice Jelly, and other treats that sublimate Osaka’s food into sweets.

*1: In Osaka, this term refers to takikomi-gohan or more specifically, rice cooked with vegetables, meat, etc.

3Live kitchen - Osaka flavors cooked before your eyes

The buffet features a live kitchen with nikusui (beef soup from Osaka), which is accented with freshly shaved bonito flakes, and beef teppanyaki for a taste of Kansai beef culture. The nikusui is made with a generous amount of beef sirloin and topped with freshly shaved bonito flakes. Beef Teppanyaki is a traditional beef dish in the Kansai region served on an iron plate. Red pickled ginger is kneaded into the butter that accompanies the beef, giving the dish a taste of Osaka-ness.

Start of service
April 7th, 2023
Opening hours
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM (last entry)
OMO Dining
Price *includes tax and service charge
Adult: 7,500 JPY, Children (elementary school): 5,200 JPY, Children (4-6 years old): 1,500 JPY, Children (below 3 years old): Free
Highly recommended in advance
Menu items and ingredients are subject to change depending on circumstances.