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Japanese Tea Ceremony

A tea ceremony workshop to get a sense of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality. Enjoy matcha tasting and learn how to make your own cup of tea in the heart of Tokyo.


1A complete work of art

The history of the traditional Japanese culture of tea ceremony can be traced from its origins 800 years ago to the present day. Throughout the centuries, it has always been enjoyed amongst the people, regardless of their class or status. Despite its name, the tea ceremony is more than just simply drinking tea — it simultaneously touches upon multiple aspects of Japanese culture, including the presentation and craftsmanship of the utensils, the confectioneries, and the subtle etiquette involved. A tea ceremony can rightly be considered a complete work of art.

2Touch of Japanese culture

Many people believe the tea ceremony is a difficult ritual due to its complexity, but at our tea ceremony workshop, guests could get a sense of Japanese culture, the history of the tea ceremony, and the significance behind each custom easily. Start the session by tasting matcha green tea, and then prepare your own! Through this activity, experience the heart and soul of this traditional form of Japanese hospitality called ‘Omotenashi’, where Kyakujin (the guests) come with anticipation, not demands, and Teishu (the host) ensure that guests have a wonderful experience.

3Souvenir of travel

This activity includes a souvenir tea bowl and bamboo whisk. These souvenirs are specially made for HOSHINOYA Tokyo and designed for daily use so that the tea ceremony experience does not end within the workshop. The bowl and whisk can be used for matcha, as well as lattes and cappuccino. Return home with the skill and tools to make your perfect drink.

All Year
Daily 10:00 am - 10:30 am
9,680 JPY per person (includes tax and service charge)
Price includes
Tea lesson, confectionery, tea bowl, whisk
Required by 6:00pm the previous day
6 people