Room Amenities

Room Amenities

Please refer to the "Room Details" on the reservation page for information on certain room-specific amenities.

Room Amenities

  • Electric kettle

  • Pajamas

  • Slippers

  • Bath amenities *1

    • Shampoo & conditioner, Body wash, Cleansing *2, Face wash *2, Face lotion, Milky lotion *2, Hand wash *2

  • Toothbrush *1

  • Cotton pads, swabs, hair elastic *1

  • Razor *1

  • Towels

  • Hair dryer

  • TV

  • Refrigerator

  • Humidifier/Air purifier *1

  • Room safe

*1 If not available in your room, please ask for rent at the front desk.

*2 Except for RISONARE Osaka

Additional Amenities

RISONARE Atatmi|Yukata, Tabi socks, Indoor Sandals, Kid/Baby equipment set

RISONARE Kohamajima|Dehumidifier, Hairbrush, Body wash towel

Available at the front desk

  • Toothbrush(For Adults/Kids)

  • Hairbrush

  • Hair elastic

  • Cotton pads/swabs

  • Razor

  • Facial Tissues

Reservation Required

Please request on the "View/Edit your stay" page of My Page after making a room reservation.
Please note that reservations are not accepted at RISONARE Tomamu, Osaka, and Guam. Some items are not available at RISONARE Guam.

  • Wheelchair

  • Cribs and bed guards

  • Kid equipment set *3

    • Towels

    • Kids' stepstool

    • Kids' toilet seat

    • Toys

  • Baby equipment set *3

    • Baby soap

    • Towels

    • Diaper Trash Bin

*3 Reservations are not required for RISONARE Atami as they are equipped in all guest rooms.

Inquire at the front desk

The following items are limited, so please inquire at the front desk after check-in.

  • Humidifier

  • Shower chair

  • Portable AC Charger

  • DVD player(Incl. HDMI cable)

  • For Kids

    • Baby bottle sterilizer

    • Baby formula kettle

    • Baby bath

    • Stroller