Aizu food culture

Enjoy the local cuisine that is nurtured by the rich nature of Aizu in a buffet style, and then enjoy the high-quality sake that is unique to a rice-producing area.

  • kisse・kisse

    A buffet restaurant where you can enjoy local dishes such as freshly made soba and hot wappameshi(Mixed Rice Wappa-vessel). The morning recommendation is "morning ramen," the food culture of Kitakata.

  • Aizu SAKE Bar

    A bar with famous sake from Aizu which is famous for rice. You can listen to recommended Japanese sake from a sake tasting master and meet your favorite local sake.

  • Aizu Yushoku Takazen(affiliated restaurant)

    A restaurant in local flavors, where you can enjoy local Aizu cuisine.

  • Books & Cafe

    An open lounge overlooking Mt. Bandai. You can relax and enjoy the original blend of tea made with Yagen, which was used to prepare medicines in the past.