Taiwanese kaiseki

Dinners consist of dishes that incorporate plenty of ingredients familiar in Taiwanese cooking, presented in a Japanese kaiseki style. Only here will you get to experience the colors and flavors that Japanese culinary techniques and dishware can draw out of the local ingredients.

Three breakfast options

Enjoy a Taiwanese, American, or Japanese breakfast as you gaze upon the water garden outside, the surfaces glittering in the light of the morning sun.

Taiwanese Breakfast

The staple of this breakfast is congee made from a slow-cooked broth of chicken and scallops, served with a variety of topping options. Other dishes include Taiwanese fruits and douhua, a gently sweet dish made with soy milk.


Taiwanese Breakfast

Congee is the perfect first meal of the day, as it thoroughly hydrates the body. This version, native to Taiwan, is served with an assortment of topping options.

Japanese Breakfast

Grilled fish is served with various side dishes, as well as rice and miso soup. The classic Japanese breakfast.

Western breakfast

This option features a seasonal Taiwanese fruit plate, an assortment of bread and pastries, salads, and other items.

A la carte

A la carte In Room Dining

Guests looking for a more casual meal may choose from our a la carte menu, which offers a variety of options from Taiwanese to Japanese.


HOSHINOYA Original Beef Noodles 

Minced Curry with Vegetables

Taiwanese Simmered Pork Bowl

Inaniwa Udon

Chicken Cutlet Rice