Hot Spring Baths that Refresh and Rejuvenate

The baths at HOSHINOYA Guguan are supplied with soft low-alkaline,hydrogen carbonate hot spring waters* that provide a wealth of skincare benefits. Apart from their room baths, guests may also use the bath halls, each of which offer an indoor and outdoor bath. The indoor baths are deep enough for full body soaking, and are bordered with aromatic cypress. The outdoor baths feature zigzag layouts that emulate natural formations, enhanced by the seasonal colors of the surrounding scenery. As the bath halls are separated by gender, guests are asked to enjoy the baths without swimwear. (*Under Taiwan's Hot-spring Law)

Rebalancing Spa Treatments

The spa regimens here are designed to relax both mind and body and guide them toward a state of optimal health. Once warmed up from a bath, guests are treated in a traditional Japanese room, surrounded by translucent shoji paper doors that create a calming, diffused light.

Immerse in Nature

A clear blue pool lies in the center of the nature-rich premises, like a pond deep in the forest. Gazebos line the pool's perimeter, offering shade and a place to bask in the soothing breezes that drift in from the surrounding groves.

The pool offers an additional unique water-based experience, separate from the hot spring baths.

2024.03.15 Published
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