Alpine kaiseki

This is a cooking method that brings out the original flavor of the ingredients, allowing you to taste the season. Mountain ingredients sometimes take on a leading role, while other times they play a supporting role, resulting in deep flavors and unexpected discoveries.

Unexpected Fusion

Alpine kaiseki celebrates the art of culinary harmony, meticulously crafting each dish to harmonize the essence of its ingredients and seasonings. Our vibrant clear soup, featuring mountain-fresh watercress, perfectly complements the delicate flavors of Golden threadfin bream.

A Flavorful Bond

We venture into the heart of the mountains, seeking out artisans intimately acquainted with its secrets. Guided by their expertise, we master the art of savoring each dish, allowing the flavors of the ingredients to sing. Immersed in Nagano Prefecture's rich culinary heritage, we blend tradition with innovation, forging a harmonious union that inspires culinary brilliance.

Reflect a scene of the Resort Village

The culinary creations at HOSHINOYA Karuizawa are adorned with handpicked seasonal plants and flowers, sourced from our own lush grounds, echoing the ever-changing tapestry of nature. As you indulge in each exquisite dish, the breathtaking vista of the tranquil the Resort Village beyond the window paints a vivid picture of harmony with the seasons.