Alpine kaiseki

Regional ingredients are incorporated into dishes that draw out their sophisticated flavors, so that every meal is a feast of seasonal delights and culinary discovery.

Timeless French cuisine

Bleston Court Yukawatan has been serving classic French cuisine that is able to constantly surprise and delight. The restaurant is within walking distance of the premises.

Japanese Breakfast

Dishes are prepared with a nutrient-rich broth made with several vegetables, with no part going to waste. It is a gently nourishing meal that allows for a relaxing start to the day.


Special autumn dinner

The whole Tanada Lounge is reserved and we offer special autumn kaiseki. This dinner combines autumn foods of mountains with the food culture of Shinshu.

Special summer dinner

The whole Tanada Lounge is reserved and we offer special summer Kaiseki. This dinner combines summer foods of mountains with the food culture of Shinshu. 

Kasuke Beef Shabu-Shabu

The secret ingredient of the shabu-shabu at Kasuke is the broth. A rich soup abundant in the umami of mushrooms and other vegetables, the broth brings out the meatiness of the thin slices of fat-rich beef, hand-selected by Kasuke's executive chef. Soba noodles are also served to be eaten with the broth.

Soft-Shelled Turtle Hot Pot

Soft-Shelled Turtle has rich and fine taste. After eating freshly sliced meat, please enjoy rice porridge with soup stock.

Kasuke Dinner Set

A colorful dinner set recommended by the head chef, with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

You can relax and enjoy the taste of Japanese cuisine Kasuke in your room.

In-Room Dining (Dinner)

A special meal prepared with ingredients handpicked by the Kasuke head chef is offered to guests who wish to dine in the privacy of their pavilions.

Sonmin Shokudou Sesonal Dishes

We offer a 7-course meal, starting from standard dishes of Sonmin-Shokudo to ones using seasonal ingredients. Guests can also choose Soba noodles or rice bowls during this course. Please spend a leisurely time with your family members in sunken Kotatsu or a semi-private room.


Japanese Breakfast

Grilled fish, rice cooked in a stone pot, and a specially prepared miso soup are some of the items included in this traditional Japanese breakfast that guests may enjoy in the comfort of their pavilions.

In-Room Dining (Western Breakfast)

This continental breakfast is best enjoyed on the balcony of one's guest pavilion on a sunny day.

Afternoon Tea

Tanada Afternoon tea

Please spend your time at the terrace overlooking the terraced rice fields that are the symbolic landscape of Hoshinoya Karuizawa and taste the delicacies of the mountains while feeling the murmur of the water and the sounds of nature.

Nearby Restaurants

Sonmin Shokudo

Japanese set meals and soba noodles are served at lunch, while a variety of small dishes are served at dinner. This spacious restaurant offers seasonal fare and panoramic views of the surrounding nature.

Harunire Terrace

This open-air mall houses Sawamura, a bakery; Kawakamian, a branch of a soba noodle shop in Kyu Karuizawa; Il Sogno, popular for its stone-baked pizzas; and other restaurants and cafes.

No One's Recipe

French fare prepared with local ingredients, served on a wide, roofed patio that receives refreshing breezes and plenty of morning sunlight.

Room Service

A selection of drinks and light meals, prepared using select ingredients, are offered to guests who wish to eat light or enjoy an evening drink in the privacy of their rooms.