Verdant season

From May to June, Karuizawa is the most beautiful season of the year when the new green color increases every day and shines brightly. During the rainy season, we get enough moisture and trees grow. You can enjoy nature in a quiet and relaxing way ahead of the busy summer as a summer resort.

A forest bustling with wild birds

Narcissus Flycatcher and Blue-and-white Flycatcher come to Karuizawa to breed, and the Karuizawa Wild Bird Forest is crowded with birds who are busy courting and raising their children. You may even hear the chicks.

Encounters unique to the highlands

In Karuizawa, situated approximately 1,000 meters above sea level, visitors can admire highland flowers such as the town's designated flowers, primroses, and Blue Siberian Squills. The Kousa Dogwood, with its lovely white bracts, heralds the arrival of the rainy season in Karuizawa.

What the rainy season brings

It is said that phytoncide, a scent component of forests, actively dissipates from spring to summer in the morning and after rain. The sunny periods of the rainy season are the perfect times to take a walk in the forest.

A feast fostered by mist

Karuizawa lettuce, introduced by foreign missionaries during the Meiji period, benefits from the morning mist formed by the temperature difference between day and night, resulting in a fresh and sweet flavor. This makes it a delightful treat for early summer, coinciding with the start of the harvest season in June.


A luxury resort, just an hour from Tokyo by bullet train.

HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is a luxury resort, just an hour from Tokyo by bullet train. Immerse yourself in the serene forest environment, savor culinary delights from local ingredients, and rejuvenate in our natural hot springs. Discover pure relaxation through our authentic Japanese hospitality.

Example accommodation fee

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