Local arts and seasonal flavors

Dinners pay homage to the area’s hunting traditions. We will prepare Kaiseki cuisine where you can enjoy the bounty of the mountains from meat to soup stock.


5:30 PM~/7:30 PM~

Standard Seasonal Dinner 

This is the standard kaiseki course meal. The sashimi is seasoned with a wide variety of condiments. Enjoy to your heart’s content this meal made of individual dishes, each one carefully paying homage to the cultural roots of its place of origin.


Year round


Special Dinner

This is a Special Dinner with a distinctive look that includes the whole leg of duck. You can enjoy the texture of the meat, which is cooked well and soft, and the broth, which blends in the flavor and sweetness of the duck.


August 31th, 2024

  • ※Please apply at least 5 days in advance.
  • ※No Western meals are served

Upgrade Price: 4,500 JPY (tax inclusive)


Tochigi Prefecture is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and it is said that the hunting culture developed in the mountainous area.
In addition to eating wild game and wild vegetables from the mountains on a daily basis, there was also a food culture in which people used meat and bones of wild birds that had been hunted so as not to waste the bounty of the mountains to make soup and eat soba noodles.
KAI Kawaji's Special Dinner has inherited a food culture that values the bounty of the mountains.


7:30 AM~9:30 AM

KAI serves breakfast made with ingredients that let you taste the flavor of the region and the local cooking techniques. This set meal features a vegetable-rich casserole that is derived from a dish featured in a Kawaji legend.


Year round

For kids

For kids

We offer special Japanese platters for children between 4 and 6 years of age. These carefully selected menus include traditional Japanese ingredients like beans, sesame, and seaweed that the little ones are sure to love.

  • ※For children age 7 to 11, we offer a Japanese platter containing a rich array of dishes like steamed egg custard and sashimi.

Optional menu

Celebratory Box

We have an exclusive “Celebratory Box” that contains preserved flowers and cakes and would be ideal for birthdays or celebrations.


Price: 7,800 JPY (tax inclusive)
[Contents: preserved flowers, 9 mini cakes]

  • ※Individual orders of cakes and preserved flowers: 4,200 JPY each
  • ※Sake Sparkling requires a separate reservation.

Reservations: up to 4:00 PM on the previous day to your desired date

  • ※Images are conceptual pictures that may differ from the actual product. Please note that the contents of the meal may be subject to change.
  • ※Lacquer boxes cannot be taken home with you.

Dining Area

Luxuriate in Semi-Private Rooms

The dining area features semi-private rooms surrounded by paper screens. Meals cater to extended families, small groups, and other parties.


Dinner 5:30PM~ / 7:30PM~
Breakfast 7:30AM~9:30AM

Average price

Please check the details of each menu.
If you would like to apply for vegetarian option, please fill out the form in the chatbot. Application date: 5 days before