OMO Cafe & Bar

OMO5, which oozes urban appeal and boasts superior design, offers dining in a casual and cozy environment at OMO Cafe & Bar. Feel free to visit the cafe for your various meals during your trip, including starting your morning in the perfect way with a breakfast that looks absolutely refreshing, drinking a cup of delicious latte while taking a break during tea time, and dropping by for drinks at bar time when you return to the hotel after walking around the city all day.

  • Breakfast

    For breakfast, we recommend our original risotto made with nama-fu and bocha (stem tea)-flavored sauce. We offer 4 varieties of risotto, including prosciutto genovese, as well as croque monsieur. This light menu is perfect for those who have fully enjoyed Kanazawa's gourmet food—and perhaps a bit too much of Katamachi's drink—the previous night.

    Breakfast Course

    1 main dish (your choice of 4 varieties of risotto or croque monsieur), salad bar, soup, yogurt, free drink

  • New breakfast menu! Kanazawa curry toast

    Sales start date: January 8, 24 (full year)

    Introducing the "Kanazawa Curry Toast," a new and unique style of enjoying Kanazawa's soul food, Kanazawa Curry. It has pouring curry sauce over cube toast, providing a refreshing twist. Experience the taste of Kanazawa's soul food and start your day with a new breakfast menu that will energize you. Give it a try!

    * "Go Go Curry" supervised

    ~Breakfast menu~

    Curry Toast 1 piece, salad bar, soup, yogurt, free drink

  • OMO Cafe & Bar

    Enjoy a menu combining both Japanese and Western dishes made using Kanazawa's familiar ingredients. For example, "Bocha Anmitsu", which is packed with the taste of bocha (stem tea). This dish is made by boiling bocha down to make agar agar, adding this to white mochi balls and fruit, and drizzling everything with bocha syrup for you to enjoy. Additionally, the make-it-yourself confection known as "gorojimakintoki (sweet potato) mont blanc" allows you to apply the cream yourself, making for a perfect picture opportunity! Come any time, whether for tea or a seat at the bar!

    *For the time being, our business hours are as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

    ・Weekdays: 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM(9:30 PM L.O.)

    ・Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM(9:30 PM L.O.)