Choose Katamachi if you're staying in Kanazawa!

Katamachi is known as the gourmet town of Hokuriku.

Such Katamachi is the perfect place to enjoy Kanazawa's food.

Here, we will introduce three points that will make you want to stay in Katamachi without thinking!

1. There are plenty of delicious dining options in Katamachi!

In Katakamachi, there is a wide variety of genres ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to local B-class gourmet where you can enjoy the local flavors.

This area is known as the gourmet town of Hokuriku because it is lined with many restaurants.

If you're lost when it comes to choosing a lunch or dinner spot, coming here might just lead you to discover a hidden gem that's popular among locals.

2. Enjoying a feast of food in Katamachi until late at night!

In Kanazawa City, there are many restaurants in Katamachi that stay open until late at night, offering a variety of local gourmet options such as oden and seafood izakaya. If you stay in Katamachi, you can fully enjoy the foods without worrying about the time to return to your hotel.

OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi is situated in the heart of the premier gourmet town in Hokuriku!

3. The access to Kanazawa's popular tourist spots is excellent!

Katamachi is a town located in the heart of "Kanazawa, the Castle Town," about a 10-minute bus ride from Kanazawa Station. Within the area, you can find attractions such as Kenrokuen Garden and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, where you can fully enjoy Kanazawa's classic tourist spots.

If you want to enjoy local gourmet and traditional sightseeing, Kanamachi is the perfect place for you.

If you're staying in Kanazawa for your trip,

consider OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi by Hoshino Resorts.

2024.05.27 Published
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