OMO Cafe

OMO5, which oozes urban appeal and boasts superior design, offers dining in a casual and cozy environment at OMO Cafe. Feel free to visit the cafe for your various meals during your trip, including starting your morning in the perfect way with a breakfast that looks absolutely refreshing, drinking a cup of delicious latte while taking a break during tea time, and dropping by for drinks at bar time when you return to the hotel after walking around the city all day.

*The Café/Bar is not in operation at this time.

  • Breakfast

    We recommend our original breakfast risotto made with fresh yuba and pickles, perfect for a Kyoto morning. Our menu is also gentle for those who had a lot of fun in Sanjo the night before and overindulged. ~Breakfast details~ - One main dish (choice of five types of risotto or pizza toast) - Salad bar - Soup - Yogurt - Free drink