7 Reasons why you should stay with us: make your family stay memorable!

Point 1: Convenient access to tourist attractions

Travel worry-free to the best spots of Osaka!

OMO7 Osaka is situated in an extremely convenient location with easy access to various family-friendly tourist attractions. Three stations of main lines (JR, Nankai Railway, and Osaka Metro) are within walking distance. Shinsekai, one of Osaka’s most popular spots, is a 7-minute walk away. Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN are only 30 minutes away by train, making it easy for you to get around, even with children in tow.

Point 2: A variety of room options to suit your needs

Stay stress-free with our safe and child-friendly rooms

We have a no-shoe policy inside all of the guest rooms, thus making it a safe environment for crawling babies! On top of this, the bathrooms include both a washing area and a bathtub, allowing for more comfort when taking a bath with your children. ※Click here for information about room amenities and room wear.

Idobata Suite – recommended for large groups

The Idobata Suite can accommodate up to six people. It features a spacious living room with a large table and a sofa facing the “Osaka Board” that introduces you to sightseeing spots. The bed spaces, located in the four corners of the suite, are partitioned to create private spaces for relaxation.

Dandan Room – a fun space designed like a secret base

The Dandan Room can accommodate up to three people. It is a unique room featuring a bunk bed space in which you can snuggle up, just like in a secret base, and a cosy sofa next to the window.

Point 3: Cozy common areas

Go play outside on the Miya-green lawn!

The garden area Miya-green is perfect for outdoor play. This wide green space is a great place for children to freely run around and lie down on the grass. Children who love trains will especially enjoy the view of trains running through Shin-Imamiya Station from Miya-green. There are chairs and large sofas, as well as reclining cushion chairs. This way, the whole family can have a relaxing moment and enjoy takeout food and snacks purchased at the OMO Cafe & Bar.

Make the most of OMO Base's special features!

“OMO Base” is an wide lounge centered around a neighborhood map drawn on the “Huge OSAKA Board” at the entrance. This place can be used as a base to plan your trip, or as a rest area to wind down after a day of sightseeing. You can come here and relax on the chairs and sofas at any time of the day.

Our spacious bathhouse

Each guest room is equipped with its own bath, but guests can also make use of the bathhouse (¥1,000 per person per night). Come and spend a relaxing time while experiencing Osaka’s bath culture.

Point 4: Exclusive night events for guests

Experience a magic evening with PIKA PIKA Night

Every evening, we hold a free event where you can enjoy strolling around in yukata while admiring Osaka-themed “Naniwa Neon Art” decorations. We will be serving dashi-flavored takoyaki, which even children can enjoy, and craft beer. A firework animation show will be projected on the front of the hotel building. Come and enjoy this new original kind of fireworks! This will be the perfect timing for a photo session with the whole family. Choose matching yukatas and capture those magic moments spent together on camera! It is also the occasion for parents to take a break, drink some beer, and enjoy Osaka by night!


Point 5: Osaka gourmet food for the whole family

OMO Café & Bar: Open 24 hours, with variety of kid-friendly options

Open 24 hours a day, OMO Cafe & Bar offers a wide variety of Osaka gourmet food that the whole family can enjoy. The “Kushikatsu Set”, “Mixed Juice Soft Drink”, and “Tako-chi”, a cheesecake made to look like a takoyaki, are three of the most popular items. You can choose to sit either at a table or on a comfy sofa to enjoy your food.


Point 6: Feel the vibe of Osaka through our various activities

Fun for the whole family! “Binge on Kushikatsu Tour” with the OMO Rangers

Kushikatsu is a street food representative of Osaka. While it is common knowledge that you cannot double-dip the kushikatsu in the sauce, there are some other less known eating rules. The OMO Rangers will teach you in this guided tour the unique local rules and manners, for example how to eat and order kushikatsu. There are so many kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka you might become lost, but no worries! The OMO Rangers will select and guide you to the one that best suits your needs, including family-friendly restaurants.


Point 7: Enjoy Universal Studios Japan to the fullest with our unique services

Exclusive services only available at Alliance Hotels

OMO7 Osaka by Hoshinoresorts is an Alliance Hotel of Universal Studios Japan.

Studio Pass (admission tickets) are available for purchase at the hotel, and a number of services are also provided exclusively for hotel guests to enjoy Universal Studios Japan to the fullest.

A special program on everything you need to know about the park

“Not to be Missed: OMO Ranger Program about Universal Studios Japan”is a daily program held for guests to learn tips and tricks to make the most of their day at the park.

You will get plenty of information and pro-tips from true USJ super fans to maximize your time there!

Universal Studios Japan Authorized OMO Rangers

Universal Studios Japan Authorized OMO Rangers, true aficionados of the theme park, will pop up sometimes at the OMO Base!

You can ask them anything about the park : the best strategies to make the most out of each area, gourmet food, souvenirs, up to rare pieces of information only true fans know.

Authorized OMO Rangers wear an official badge just like the above picture. Feel free to talk to them when you see them!

Free shuttle bus between the hotel and Universal Studios Japan

A free shuttle bus operates on a daily basis from OMO7 Osaka to Universal Studios Japan (reservation required).

With this direct bus ride, it takes around 30 minutes to reach the park.

No transfers are necessary, and no need to walk either, it is an easy and safe journey even for those with small children.

Please refer to this page for more information on departure times.

OMO7 Osaka

Big-hearted and brassy, Osaka is yours

"An Osaka trip unlike any other" If you are looking for an authentic experience of Osaka's fun -loving and vibrant spirit, OMO7 Osaka is the place to go! OMO7 Osaka is easy to reach from Kansai International Airport and Shin-Osaka Station with direct rail access. Laughing and eating are the two great passions of this city and there is plenty to be found here in the center of things near Tsutenkaku Tower in the neon-lit Shinsekai district. Abeno area is also a must to visit with new shops and eateries flourishing around. Between the hotel and Shin-Imamiya Station lies a vast green space set to become a go-to oasis for outdoor dining and live events.

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