• OMO Cafe & Bar (Breakfast)

    Start your day with the morning set, where you can choose a main dish from five options.
    Meet the delicious "Croque Okan," a croque monsieur topped with Japanese omelet. Take-out is also available.

  • OMO Dining (Breakfast buffet)

    The delicious breakfast buffet features lively and lively dishes such as the "Kaisendon" , which features plenty of seafood and dashi-maki eggs sourced from the Osaka Kizu Wholesale Market, and the "Oda-maki-mushi," a local dish from Osaka that uses freshly shaved bonito flakes and is finished with shiratama instead of udon.

  • OMO Dining Course Dinner

    Starting from April 1st, 2024

    This is a courses dinner by which you can discover new flavors of Osaka while experiencing Osaka’s traditional food culture.

    The local cuisine of Osaka and ingredients popular in Osaka are innovatively prepared based on French cuisine.

  • OMO Café & Bar for lunch/bar

    Welcome anytime from lunch to late-night bar time.
    In addition to the classic foods and drinks of Osaka, original menus mixing Osaka and multicultural foods can be found.

  • OMO Dining Lunch

    An a la carte menu for everyone to enjoy whenever with whomever.
    Selections range from appetizers to dessert.
    Dishes unique to Osaka such as the Ceylon rice and Naniwa sandwiches can be enjoyed.