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2-13-1,Minaguchi-cho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka 413-0016 413-0016

By Car
About the nearest highway exit

< From Tokyo area >

Approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo I.C. to Ishibashi I.C. via Tomei Expressway and Odawara-Atsugi Road Nishiko Bypass

< From Nagoya area >

About 170 minutes from Nagoya I.C. to Numazu I.C. by Tomei Expressway

< From Osaka area >

About 310 minutes from Toyonaka I.C. to Numazu I.C. by Meishin Tomei Expressway

*About 45 minutes from Ishibashi I.C. to RISONARE Atami

*About 60 minutes from Numazu I.C. to RISONARE Atami

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2-13-1 Minakuchi-cho, Atami, Shizuoka 413 0016 Map code: 116 623 450*51

  • ※We have a free parking (No reservation required).
  • ※Enter "Transit: Atami Baien" in the car navigation system. You can arrive on the right route.
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By Train
Directions to Atami Station

< From Tokyo Station >

35 minutes (Hikari) / 50 minutes (Kodama) to Atami Station by Tokaido Shinkansen

< From Nagoya Station > 80 minutes (Hikari) / 120 minutes (Kodama) to Atami Station by Tokaido Shinkansen

< From Osaka Station > 140 minutes (Hikari) / 220 minutes (Kodama) to Atami Station by Tokaido Shinkansen

Free Shuttle Bus

From JR Atami Station, 20 min by shuttle bus

[Inbound] 2:00PM / 2:30PM / 3:00PM / 3:30PM / 4:30PM departing by schedule

[Outbound] 10:20AM / 11:00AM / 11:30AM / 12:00PM /1:20PM departing by schedule

  • ※From Atami Station to Hotel: No reservation required
  • ※From Hotel to Atami Station: Reservations required (After hotel check-in, first come, first served)
  • ※If the bus is full, you may have to take the next bus.
  • ※It may be delayed depending on the traffic situation.