Indoor pool for family fun

Indulge in the charm of each season while immersing yourself in our indoor pool with a delightful temperature. The expansive glass window offers a breathtaking, eye-level view of the ocean. For our guests with little ones, we provide a secure and enjoyable infant swimming pool, ensuring worry-free fun for small children.

PeriodAll year

9:00 AM~7:00 PM

Appropriate age
For all ages

Main pool: Depth: 1 m, Size: 13 m long x 3~5 m wide

Infant pool: This is a heated infant pool. You can play on the small slide or relax with your toddler.

Depth: 40 cm, Size: 6 m long x 3 m wide

Meeting spot

Reception at the second floor pool counter Reception can be held at any time and you can enjoy it without any time limit.

*For Guests Only

Hosted in

*Please refrain from using the "Foot Foot Floating Ring."

*Children who are still in diapers must wear a diaper for water play and a swimsuit over it.

*Children under elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult guardian.