A white-sand beach books and cafe that feels like it's floating in the sky

SORANO Beach Books & Cafe is books and cafe space on the top floor of RISONARE Atami. To help you enjoy the blue sea and blue sky in front of you, white sand is spread all over the floor and sofas and chaises are available. Spend a dreamy time on a floating beach.

library in the sky

Enrich your resort journey with a library in the sky where you can feel the sea breeze.

A bookshelf in the center of the floor holds some 1,000 books, mainly ocean-themed photo books and books that will help you decide your next trip. You can enjoy reading in the open space with a pleasant sea breeze, or buy books.


A beach in the sky by the architect unit Klein Dytham architecture

The space was designed by Klein Dytham architecture, an architect unit. The white sand floor also features a wood deck, chaise longue and cabana (sofa with canopy). You can take off your shoes at the entrance and feel the sand on your bare feet, making it feel like you're at the beach.

Klein Dytham architecture: An architectural unit that designs in multiple disciplines, including architecture, interior, and installation. Established in Tokyo in 1991 by RCA graduates Astrid Klein and Mark Daisum, the firm now has an international reputation and works with high-profile clients on a variety of projects.

Beach at night

With moonlight and starry skies. Bar time to relax on the beach in the night sky

After 9:00 PM, only adults can use the bar. Enjoy drinking while gazing at the night view of Atami, or indulge in reading alone. Have a quiet and calm time. We also host a variety of seasonal events.

* Bar time is available only for guest customers 12 and older.

Drinks &Sweets

Drinks unique to Atami are available, including original coffee inspired by the sea, green tea latte made with Shizuoka tea, and wine made with Izu mandarin oranges.