RISONARE Atami | Spa

Citrus and Marine themed menu is available. Pregnant women can also enjoy the menu.


reservation(WEB reservation/advance reservation priority)


3:00 PM to 10:00 PM (last reception 8:30 PM) *For guests only

Body & Facial Treatments

The back of your face and body, or the whole body, is treated with high-quality organic skin care.


90 minutes (required time:120minutes)

120 minutes (required time:1500minutes)


90 minutes→¥26,400

120 minutes→¥36,300

Relax Body Treatment

You are supposed to be given an oil treatment for the whole body except for your face.


90 minutes (110 minutes)



Body pack treatment

Oil treatment for all body except face and warm seaweed pack on back. Seaweed body pack is not recommended for breastfeeding and guest with pre-existing thyroid condition.


90 minutes (required time:110minutes)



Decollete, Head & Foot Treatment

From chest to shoulders, neck and scalp,treatments from elbow to hand and below knee to toe are added. from elbow to hand and below knee to toe. It is also recommended for those who are not good at lying on their stomach.


90 minutes(required time:110minutes)



Body treatment

Comfortably trim the back of your body, except your face.


60 minutes (required time:80minutes)



Maternity Treatment (Head & Foot)

You can relax with oil from your feet to below the knees and dry treatment for your scalp.


60 minutes (required time:80minutes)





guest, which was offered a body treatment, can add an optional extension.


15 minutes



Other Options

Tarasopac (Sea Mud Thermal Pack)¥3,300

Short Facial 30 minutes ¥7,700

Regarding SPA Reservation


The spa treatment is by appointment only. Please make an appointment in advance./Available only in guest where you are staying./Oil treatments are available for both men and women./We do not accept requests for excessive strong massage./If you are visiting a hospital or have a pre-existing condition, please consult your doctor before making an appointment./You will be charged a 100% cancellationfee from 24 hours prior to the start of the treatment.

On the day of the reservation

Please come to the SPA counter on the second floor of Building A five minutes before your reservation time./If you come to the store after your reservation time, the treatment time may be shortened or the treatment may not be available./Please refrain from bringing children.

Precautions when booking a spa appointment

Spa property in Hoshino Resorts is for relaxation. We may refuse guest who is not in good health or guest who is visiting the hospital regardless of the doctor's permission. Please read and check the following carefully.

Treatment is not available in guest if:

・Pregnancy less than 16 weeks, after 27 weeks (Even if you are in guest after 16 weeks of pregnancy and under 27 weeks of pregnancy, we may refuse your request based on your body condition on the day.)

・Injuries or wounds that cause pain or swelling ・・・ Sprains, fractures, lower back pain, dislocations, burns, cuts, etc.

・Severe internal disease, illness or injury during treatment

・Disease, injury or injury during follow-up,including traffic accidents

・Less than a year after complete recovery (including endoscopic surgery)

・Fever or headache, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea

・Swelling or lymphedema caused by disease

・Pain or swelling during dental treatment The following guest may be changed or declined depending on how you are doing. Please contact us when making a reservation.

・Pregnancy less than 16 weeks, after 27 weeks

・guest with severe varicose veins and allergies

・Oil treatment : sunburn

・Oil treatment if you can't sleep on your back or on your stomach for a long time

・Oil treatment if you have skin disease, skin irritation or swelling or itching

・Facial menu less than a year after implant surgery

・Facial menu less than 6 months after tooth extraction

・Swiming pool and spa related menu: cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary diseases

* Maternity menu varies from hotel to hotel.

* Seaweed body packs are not available for breastfeeding and guest with pre-existing thyroid conditions.

* If you have pre-existing conditions other than those listed above, please let us know when you make a reservation for guest.

* Hoshino Resort Spa has an age limit. All treatment menus are available for ages 18 and up. Some body treatment menus are available for ages 16 and up.

* Cancellation fees of 100% apply 24 hours prior to the start of treatment.