• South Building, 31st Floor


    The menu concept is Calendario Gastronomico, which means gastronomic calendar in Italian. We carefully select the finest ingredients for the season and offer them as a seasonal menu.

  • Buffet Dining hal

    Dinner features a "crab x salmon" concept, with dishes that take advantage of each feature, as well as dishes made with seasonal ingredients. For breakfast, we recommend the specialty menu that is finished in front of you.

  • cafe&bar Tsukino

    A cafe and bar where you can enjoy the local feel of tomamu milk, Hoshino Resort's original blend coffee, special lattes and hearty hamburgers.

  • Wagyu & Seafood Shabu-shabu Dining SORA

    We offer shabu-shabu with superb Japanese black beef and fresh seafood shabu-shabu from Hokkaido, which you can enjoy with carefully selected flying fish (jaw) broth.

  • Forest Restaurant Nininupuri

    You can enjoy a variety of buffet dinners, including pizza using plenty of fresh cheese and beef teppanyaki.

    A buffet with a wide variety of menu items, including “Kaiho-don” (bowl of rice topped with seafood).


    Fresh seafood and steak are carefully and vigorously grilled on a griddle.

  • Platinum

  • Restaurant Mikaku


    Impress and elevate your resort stay by meeting a new type of ramen that can only be found at Tomamu.


    This is a steak dining restaurant where high-quality Hokkaido brand meat is grilled in the kiln.

  • SOUP CURRY GARAKU 〜Tomamu's forest〜

    A fusion of "GARAKU," a restaurant in Sapporo where people line up, this soup curry is full of umami using plenty of ingredients from Hokkaido.


    Italian dining is devoted to Hokkaido ingredients.

  • Farm Café Farm Designs Tomamu

    It's a cafe right in front of the ranch. We have a menu with plenty of milk from Farm Hoshino.

  • Mrs. Farm Designs

    It's a Japanese tea and Japanese confectionery shop. We have a selection of the best Japanese teas and teas, and we have Japanese sweets to go with them.

  • Hokkaido Jingisukan KING

    It's a Jingisukan restaurant that serves CEO local cuisine. We use high-quality meats with fewer calories and are particular about vegetables.

  • Seafood Pub Kanemaru Goto Shoten

    This izakaya features a la carte dishes made with plenty of seafood from Hokkaido.

  • Kumo Cafe

    Cloud-themed menu items such as "Cloud Soft," a sweet with fluffy clouds, and "Cloud Macaroon" are available.


    We offer "Hokkaido Soft Parfait" and "Hokkaido Cup Gelato" that are made with the best ingredients from Hokkaido, FOOD that can be taken out, and an extensive drink menu.

  • Beachside Cafe