Bali Harmony Set Course

Experience Bali island's local tradition with our Bali Harmony Set Course menu, a culinary odyssey that eloquently captures the phases of Balinese life through the perspective of local wisdom, Tri hita Karana. Each carefully crafted dish reflects the local philosophy, upholding a seamless connection between Gods, nature, and humanity. Immerse yourself in the profound balance of flavors, textures, and the sacred essence of Balinese philosophy with every delightful bite.

Air Gazebo Breakfast

Served in gazebos suspended over a verdant jungle, breakfasts include bubur injin—Balinese black rice pudding—as well as fruits and salads, all packed inside traditional Balinese baskets to provide a cheerful, picnic-like atmosphere.

Breakfast at the Dining

Choose from Indonesian, American, or Japanese breakfasts with which to start your day as you gaze out over the jungle shimmering in the morning light.


Ubud Jungle Dinner

Savor a 8-course dinner at Café Gazebo, perched on the edge of a tropical forest, accompanied by the twinkling stars and serenaded by the gentle sound of the river. Combining a humble traditional elegance with an exquisite touch, Ubud Jungle Dinner blends an idyllic dining setting for those looking for a tranquil Ubud ambiance.

NUSANTARA Set (Lunch・Dinner)

A curated menu featuring traditional Indonesian cuisine, comprising 8 dishes.

Ayam Betutu

Traditional Balinese dish commonly served during festivals. An entire chicken is stuffed with spices, wrapped it in banana leaves, and then steam baked.

A la carte (Breakfast/Lunch / Dinner)

We also offer à la carte menu. We provide a selection of traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes, Western cuisine, as well as Japanese dishes, recommended choice for long stay guests.

In-Room Dining

In-Room Dining

Guests who are checking in late or who prefer to eat light may choose from a variety of items, including Indonesian finger foods prepared with finesse.

Café Gazebo

Café Menu

While enjoying the magnificent view of the jungle right in front of you, you can indulge in light snacks such as sandwiches, desserts, and beverages.

Chamilan Gazebo

Delight in a tranquil afternoon tea at Café Gazebo, surrounded by the lush jungle, incorporating over five premium teas and nine delectable sweet and savory treats.