Comprehensive SPA Program - Harmonizing Mind and Body -

A scent of the fragrant wood, a profound silence at the temple, and seasonal dinner in your room. And above all, a treatment to regulate blood, qi, yin and yang, performed slowly and carefully in a dignified and calm setting. HOSHINOYA Kyoto offers a stay that will sharpen your senses through the delicate Kyoto culture. Please listen carefully to the voice of your whole body as it becomes pure and clean from the inside out. This is a two-day and one-night personal SPA program based on Oriental medicine, which is tailored to each individual and helps to balance "body conditioning, breath conditioning, mind conditioning, and sensation conditioning". In addition to spending time with your own body, you can also tone your mind and senses through Kyoto's culture.

Comprehensive SPA Program - Harmonizing Mind and Body -
PeriodAll year

1 night

Appropriate age
For all ages

Medical interview

Acupuncture treatment

Tea with herb root and bark

Incense pillow bag making

Dinner (Seasonal set menu in the guest room)

Bath with herb root and bark

Morning Zen Meditation at the temple

Morning Outdoor Stretch

Japanese breakfast with hot pot

30 packets of herb root and tree bark tea as a souvenir 


¥98,200 per person (excludes tax and 10% service charge)

・Price excludes room rate. 


1 party of 1 - 2 people

Hosted in
Japanese, English

Required by 14 days prior.

・Cancellations after an inquiry will result in a 100% cancellation fee.


・Sundays, national holidays, and other irregular exclusion dates. Please ask us for details.・

・The program is only for those who have reserved a room of Tsukihashi or Yamanohata since the treatment is performed in a guest room.

・Guests may book regardless of gender. However, it is recommended for guests over 16 years old who are not pregnant.

・Please wear socks at the temple.

・The Morning Zen Meditation on the second day may not be held due to the schedule of the temple.

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