Savor of the Rankyo Gorge

Kyoto's rich culinary culture is on full display in the dishes served during this meal, from the quality of the seasonal ingredients to the mix of tradition and playful artistry in the presentation.

Flavors that delight both body and soul

With its seasonal cooking methods, offers a refreshing coolness in summer and a comforting warmth in winter. It's both nutritious and comforting, bringing joy to those who savor it

Taste for every milestone of the calendar

You can enjoy dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients based on the calendar because you stay at a Japanese inn. From the dishes that reflect the beautiful scenery of Rankyo, you can feel the richness of the seasons as they move from moment to moment.

The secret ingredient is playfulness

You can enjoy dishes with esprit in the tradition. When you combine miso-filled firefly squid sushi with sour mustard, you'll taste the complexity that captures the bitterness of spring.