A Natural Hot Spring Gushing from 1,500m Below Ground

Otemachi Onsen, which springs from a place where the sea used to spread out in ancient times, is a salty hot spring that contains a lot of sea water and seaweed minerals trapped deep in the ground. Soaking in this soothing hot spring that gently embraces the skin helps alleviate fatigue both in body and mind.

Outdoor hot spring on the top floor

Leaving the outdoor hot spring from the cavernous indoor bath, you can enjoy the clipped sky of Tokyo all to yourself. The flowing clouds, the dusk sky color, and the unwearied view of the bathtub bring you serenity.

Deep relaxation at a hot spring spa

The combination of a hot spring and a spa provides the ultimate relaxation. The treatment, following warming the body in the hot spring, induces a state of rest for the mind and body, leading to profound healing.

Deep-breathing Regimen

This is a wellness program that includes a warm bath and fermented foods that help control the autonomic nervous system and boost the immune system.


Spa menu

HOSHINOYA Tokyo's Spa has a variety of healing menus, such as a full-body treatment of original leaf balls made by kneading and steaming seasonal plants.


Body Re-Modelling Session

We check the flexibility of joints, muscle balance, etc., and perform personal training for the whole body using a medical approach.