Nippon Cuisine

The finest Japanese ingredients all make their way to Tokyo—and into the French-inspired dishes of this meal, which are visually delightful and full of powerful, sophisticated flavors.

HOSHINOYA Tokyo Dining Breakfast

With aim to bring balance to both mind and body, Japanese cuisine adheres to the significant principles of the 'three fives': "Five flavors, Five colors, Five ways (Gomi Goshoku Goho)”. Emphasizing on the taste, color, cooking techniques, and presentation, this thoughtfully crafted breakfast is designed to gratify all the senses of those who partake in it.

Layered Shaved ice

Enjoy this season with shaved ice made from cultured delicacies of Edo, and indulge in the different layers of textures and flavors that come with it.


HOSHINOYA Tokyo Special Dinner Box

"HOSHINOYA Tokyo Special Dinner Box", an original three-tiered dinner set by HOSHINOYA Tokyo, served in the comfort and privacy of your room. Enjoy appetizers curated to the season, paired with Beef Chirashi-zushi made with tender beef marinated in our special house-made sauce.

In-Room Dining (Dinner)

Guests may select from a range of dinnertime options to enjoy in the comfort of their rooms.No reservations are required.


Japanese Breakfast

Japanese-style breakfast with grilled fish is perfect to start your day. Please enjoy the essence of the season through our Japanese breakfast full of locals.

Western Breakfast

Freshly cooked breakfast includes scrambled eggs for the main dish, which you may enjoy with a cup of soup and bread.

Afternoon Tea

Nippon Cuisine Green Afternoon Tea

With a selection of sweets made from seasonal fruits, freshly brewed tea and other beverages chosen to perfectly pair, feel the tranquility of Japanese traditions through this Afternoon Tea experience.

24-Hour Menu

A selection of drinks and light meals, prepared using select ingredients, are offered to guests who wish to eat light or enjoy an evening drink in the privacy of their rooms.