Nippon Cuisine

The finest Japanese ingredients all make their way to Tokyo—and into the French-inspired dishes of this meal, which are visually delightful and full of powerful, sophisticated flavors.

Tokyo: A culinary legacy alive

Discover the culinary wonders of Tokyo, a city steeped in centuries of tradition since the Edo period. Tokyo has absorbed the diverse flavors and ingredients from every corner of Japan. Inspired by this rich heritage, we offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience found nowhere else but in Tokyo.

French cuisine meets local flair

French cuisine made with a new interpretation based on the food culture that has been handed down throughout Japan. For example, a dish made by combining scallop mousse with thick scabbard fish and wrapping matsutake mushrooms in Japanese paper is inspired by food handed down in Shimane.

Flavor entrusted in 'Rice' and 'Chopsticks'

Rice, an integral element of Japanese culinary heritage cherished across generations, is in our course. While our cuisine is French-inspired, we ensure that every dish can be enjoyed with chopsticks, honoring Japanese tradition.