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Local arts and seasonal flavors

Dinners inspired by local Ryuo-kyo (“Dragon King Gorge”) consist of steamed and boiled dishes that highlight the flavors of the seasonal ingredients and are served on Mashiko-yaki wares.


5:30 PM~/7:30 PM~

Standard Seasonal Dinner

This is the standard kaiseki course meal. The sashimi is seasoned with a wide variety of condiments. Enjoy to your heart’s content this meal made of individual dishes, each one carefully paying homage to the cultural roots of its place of origin.


year round


Special Dinner:Autumn-Winter

A stone heated to 800 degrees Celsius is used to prepare your meal. Ingredients include spiny lobster and roast beef, as well as Tochigi specialties like tofu skin rolls and dried gourd strips.


February 28th, 2022

  • ※Exclusion date:December 29, 2021 to January 4,2022.
  • ※Please apply at least 5 days in advance.
  • ※No Western meals are served

Special Dinner:Spring-Summer

A stone heated to 800 degrees Celsius has hot water poured over it, which steams the food. The ingredients include spiny lobster and roast beef, as well as Tochigi specialties like tofu skin rolls and miso that has been aged for three years.


Reception closed

  • ※Please apply at least 5 days in advance.
  • ※No Western meals are served


“Signature dish: Ryujin Kaiseki”
Named after the famous Ryuokyo Gorge, this main dish captures the idea of the wild dragon king. A hot stone is heated to 800 degrees Celsius and used to cook dishes right in front of you. The plumes of steam that gush out when the stone is put in the pot resemble the dragon king ascending to the heavens. Savor items like spiny lobster and roast beef, and local dishes like dried gourd, tofu skin rolls, and more.


7:30 AM~9:30 AM

KAI serves breakfast made with ingredients that let you taste the flavor of the region and the local cooking techniques. A Japanese-style meal featuring the Tochigi speciality “Shimotsukare”, a dish made from finely grated rainbow trout, vegetables, and soy beans cooked in miso, as well as an array of side dishes and pickles. Enjoy the charms of this culinary culture with tableware made from the craft traditions of Mashiko ceramics pottery and kanuma kumiko word ornamentation.


Year round

For kids

For kids

We offer special Japanese platters for children between 4 and 6 years of age. These carefully selected menus include traditional Japanese ingredients like beans, sesame, and seaweed that the little ones are sure to love.

  • ※For children age 7 to 11, we offer a Japanese platter containing a rich array of dishes like steamed egg custard and sashimi.

Optional menu

Celebratory Box

We have an exclusive “Celebratory Box” that contains preserved flowers and cakes and would be ideal for birthdays or celebrations.


Price: 7,800 JPY (tax inclusive)
[Contents: preserved flowers, 9 mini cakes]

  • ※Individual orders of cakes and preserved flowers: 4,200 JPY each

Reservations: up to 20 days prior to your desired date

  • ※Images are conceptual pictures that may differ from the actual product. Please note that the contents of the meal may be subject to change.
  • ※Lacquer boxes cannot be taken home with you.

Dining Area

Luxuriate in Semi-Private Rooms

Enjoy your meal either in a subdued, semi-private room, or at our counter, overlooking the spacious courtyard. We offer a wide range of kaiseki meals tailored to different occasions.

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