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Welcome to Kinygawa Onsen, Tochigi prefecture.

Kinugawa Onsen is a historical hot spring where only lords and priests who were traveling to Nikko Toshogu Shrine were allowed to enter. The spring water is soft on the body.

Arrival Get off at Kinugawa Onsen station.

It is only a 5-minute taxi ride from the station.


Check in KAI Kinugawa

At KAI, we offer “KAI Hot Spring Healing,” an authentic hot spring cure experience based on the efficacy and quality of the water at the hot springs.


Relux at guestroom

Take a time to relax with our complimentary refreshments prepared in your room. Now, change your clothes into our original Samue.

ABCs of Hot Spring

On several occasions, our “Yumori of KAI” -Hot Spring Concierge- at KAI will explain the history of the hot spring as well as its spring qualities and effective ways to bathe.

Hot spring bath time

Wrap your bathing kit in a Furoshiki, a traditional wrapping cloth, and off to the hot springs. Enjoy a relaxing bath while appreciating the seasonal view of the garden.

Have a rest at Yuagari lounge

A spectacular lounge displaying fans dyed with Kurobane Aizome technique. While admiring the traditional crafts, your body, warmed by the hot spring, begins to cool off.

Dinner time

Dishes are served one after another perfectly paired with stunning Mashiko ware.


KAI Cultural Discovery

Enjoy “Mashiko ceramics masterclass” where the experts introduce the history, culture, and characteristics of the pottery. A great opportunity to learn about, look at, and touch the genuine Mashiko pottery.


Breathing exercises according to the guidebook

The breathing exercises in the “KAI Hot Spring Healing” Guidebook lets you calm down.

Have a ginger tea before sleep

Ginger tea with black vinegar and brown sugar relieves your fatigue and regulates your body temperature. It gradually prepares your body and mind for a relaxing and peaceful sleep.

Enjoy a good sleep with luxury mattresses

A soft, cloud-like mattress provides you the most comfortable sleep while supporting your body at its core. Smooth sheets and pillowcases invite you to heavenly sleep.

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