Local arts and seasonal flavors

Dinner features a Japanese-style bouillabaisse full of rich, local seafood such as crab and scallops. The dishes are complemented by dishware inspired by Ainu craft traditions.



Standard Seasonal Dinner 

This is the standard kaiseki course meal. The sashimi is seasoned with a wide variety of condiments. Enjoy to your heart’s content this meal made of individual dishes, each one carefully paying homage to the cultural roots of its place of origin.


Year round

  • ※If you would like a kaiseki meal which includes crab, please select the "Special Kaiseki course".

Special Dinner

Daigo Nabe is a hot pot with a rich strained bouillabaisse soup made with stewed seafood, adding Hokkaido’s unique crabs and scallops. It is a dish where you can fully enjoy the delicious flavor of the soup stock and the hair crab.


August 31th, 2022

  • ※Exclusion date:December 29, 2022 to January 3,2023.
  • ※Please apply at least 5 days in advance.
  • ※No Western meals are served


Hokkaido’s Blessing: Crabs
Hokkaido is proud to have the largest catch of crabs in Japan. The crab, characterized by its rich sweetness, is caught throughout the year in many parts of Hokkaido and has long been loved as an essential dish for celebrations. At KAI Poroto, it is prepared in a bouillabaisse-based dish called Daigo Nabe. This new cooking method allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the hair crab.



KAI serves breakfast made with ingredients that let you taste the flavor of the region and the local cooking techniques. At KAI Poroto, a Japanese meal featuring “Pureed Salmon and Potato Pot” will be served.


Year round

For kids

For kids

We offer special Japanese platters for children between 4 and 6 years of age. These carefully selected menus include traditional Japanese ingredients like beans, sesame, and seaweed that the little ones are sure to love.

  • ※For children age 7 to 11, we offer a Japanese platter containing a rich array of dishes like steamed egg custard and sashimi.

Optional menu

Celebratory Box

We have an exclusive “Celebratory Box” that contains preserved flowers and cakes and would be ideal for birthdays or celebrations.


Price: 7,800 JPY (tax inclusive)
[Contents: preserved flowers, 9 mini cakes]

  • ※ndividual orders of cakes and preserved flowers: 4,200 JPY each

Reservations: up to 20 days prior to your desired date

  • ※Images are conceptual pictures that may differ from the actual product. Please note that the contents of the meal may be subject to change.
  • ※Lacquer boxes cannot be taken home with you.
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