OMO Cafe

OMO5, which oozes urban appeal and boasts superior design, offers dining in a casual and cozy environment at OMO Cafe. Feel free to visit the cafe for your various meals during your trip, including starting your morning in the perfect way with a breakfast that looks absolutely refreshing, drinking a cup of delicious latte while taking a break during tea time, and dropping by for drinks at bar time when you return to the hotel after walking around the city all day.

  • Breakfast

    For breakfast, be sure to try our signature toast cube inspired by local Kumamoto delicacy, karashi renkon (lotus root filled with Japanese mustard).

    The mild cream stew is accentuated by the spiciness of mustard and the crunchiness of fried lotus root.

    Choose from five different main courses, including French toast topped with Kumamoto's famous citrus and sweet potato sauce, depending on how you feel that day. -- Breakfast Menu -- - One main dish (bread plate with a choice of 5 kinds of bread) - Salad - Soup - Bottomless drinks

  • Cafe & Bar

    Drop into this casual cafe any time of the day. Whether it be for lunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, or evening drink, we offer a variety of menu items to suit the occasion of your stay, including our Aka beef stew-filled toast cube or gelato freshly kneaded with your choice of toppings.