Enjoy both OMO7 Osaka and Universal Studios Japan!

7 points

Point1 Free shuttle bus between hotel and park

It takes about 30 minutes from OMO7 Osaka to Universal Studios Japan by using the shuttle bus, which runs daily free of charge.

The shuttle bus to and from OMO7 Osaka is a very convenient way to get to the park.

Point2 "Studio Pass" that can be purchased inside the hotel

Only guests can purchase a Studio Pass at the front desk.

*It can be purchased at any time during your stay.

*The type of tickets available and the time of sale are subject to change without notice.

*Some types of tickets, such as annual passes and birthday passes, are not available. Also, coupons are not available.

Point3 "Accommodation plan with Studio Pass" that comes with lodging

If you enjoy Universal Studios Japan A lodging plan with a one-day studio pass is recommended. On the day, you can enter the park without waiting in line at the ticket booth inside Universal Studios Japan.

Point4 Leave your big luggage and go to the park empty-handed!

The hotel has a self-locking room (free of charge) that is open 24 hours a day to all guests before or after check-in. After checking your bags, take a shuttle bus to the park!

Point5 OMO Ranger Program about Universal Studio Japan - a daily program on how to enjoy Universal Studios Japan to the fullest

Lectures on how to enjoy the parks to the fullest are held every day. These lectures, carefully selected from his maniacal perspective, are packed with information on how to enjoy Universal Studios Japan to the fullest, the more you know, the more you enjoy the park.


Point6 Japan's First Universal Studios Japan Certified Guide

In-depth insights on how to enjoy Universal Studios Japan. He will answer everything about Universal Studios Japan, from area strategies, gourmet foods, and souvenirs to rare information you may not have heard before, but that is overflowing with love.


Point7 After playing in the park as much as you can, enjoy your trip to Osaka more fully in Machinaka!

From classic tourist attractions such as Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai to local foods such as kushikatsu and grilled giblets, the OMO7 Osaka neighborhood is full of attractions.
As a support to enjoy the city, we offer many experiences to enjoy the journey of Osaka, such as guided tours that take visitors to Shinsekai from a winsome perspective and events that are colored by Naniwa neon art inside the building.
After enjoying the park to your heart's content, let's enjoy the trip to Osaka more and more at OMO7 Osaka!


OMO7 Osaka

Example accommodation fee

1Night (s) 2day (s)(2 Guests・Breakfast Included)
1 Night 1 Guest

Example accommodation fee

1Night (s) 2day (s)(2 Guests・Room Rate)
1 Night 2 Guest

OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino Resort is an Alliance hotel owned by Universal Studios Japan.

TM © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

2024.06.06 Published
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