Maps and directions

2954, Kohama Taketomi-Cho, Yaeyama-Gun, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan 907-1221

Please come by connecting flight or ship
Information from Ishigaki Airport to Hotel

30 to 45 minutes from Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal by taxi or route bus

25 minutes from Ishigaki Port to Kohama Island Kohama Port by scheduled express boat

10 minutes from Kohama Port to hotel by hotel shuttle bus

  • ※Reservation is not required for our hotel shuttle bus.
1. Flying to Ishigaki Island

From each airport, take a direct flight to Ishigaki Island, connecting to Naha.

2. From Ishigaki Island to Kohama Port on Kohama Island by boat

From the Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal, take a ferry operated by Yaeyama Kanko Ferry or Anei Kanko to Kohama Port.

  • ※Boarding tickets can only be used on flights operated by the shipping company you purchased. Please be aware of your travel schedule when purchasing round-trip.
  • ※The availability of the ferry service and the time may change depending on the situation on the day. Be sure to check the official website of the ferry company you plan to use for the latest information.
3. From Kohama Port, take a shuttle bus to the hotel.

Take a hotel shuttle bus from Kohama Port and it takes about 10 minutes. Both the hotel and Kohama Port will operate on time. staff will welcome you at Kohama Port.

  • ※There are no taxis or regular buses in Kohama Island.
  • ※There are car rentals, bike rentals and bicycle rentals on the island tour.
  • ※Free parking is available(Reservation is not required for our parking lot).