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RISONARE Tomamu Stay Package

Extend your adventure by adding RISONARE Tomamu Stay package that showcases the highlights of Tomamu and provides remarkable inclusions and upscale accommodations at an incredible value.

Stay Package is official accommodation plan that includes breakfast, activity pass, the Unkai gondola, Mina-Mina Beach, and souvenir.

Wonderful Reasons to Choose Tomamu Stay Package

Experience popular facilities with less time waiting!

Guests who book a Stay Package can experience the UNKAI gondola and breakfast with minimal wait. Some breakfast restaurants offer Priority Seating, which gives you priority in being shown to a table as soon as it becomes available.

( Breakfast venue choose from : Forest Restaurant Nininupuri, Buffet Dining hal, Restaurant Mikaku, Platinum)

Activity pass

There are seven free activities to enjoy in the activity area and Mina-Mina Beach with the Activity pass. You can experience all the activities once during your stay.

(Cart Rental, Fishing Pond, STRIDER, Rental Sports gear, Tennis Court 60min, Rainy day goods rental, Mina-Mina Beach rental Float)

Special amuse set selected by TOMAMU Wine House

We have prepared a Special amuse set for RISONARE STAY PACKAGE guests where you can enjoy natural wine from Hokkaido and cheese from Hoshino farm while relaxing in your room. You can enjoy a luxurious in-room bar time in a spacious room over 100 square meters.

Comes with a souvenir packed with Tomamu

Souvenirs such as original sweets and tote bags are included. We have selected items that are unique to Tomamu and can be used during your stay.

Operating period of the activity

28 Apr 2023 to 1 Nov 2023

Cart Rental
Rental Sports gear
Rainy day goods rental

28 Apr 2023 to 1 Nov 2023

Fishing Pond
Rental Float

28 Apr 2023 to 1 Nov 2023



  • 2-night accommodation

  • Daily Breakfast (with Priority Seating)

  • Activity pass

  • the Unkai gondola (via Priority Lane)

  • Mina-Mina Beach

  • Special amuse set selected by TOMAMU Wine House

  • Souvenirs

  • Priority Seating is different from general restaurant reservations, so you may be asked to wait during busy times.