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Pool “il mare”

The pool “il mare” allows you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the season or weather. It is an open area where big wave pool, kids area, spa zone, cafeteria, etc. are all together.


For day trips, you need to make a reservation in advance (due at 5:00 PM the day before).

Click here to purchase a day trip pool ticket.

Big Wave Pool

The waves in this pool will make your heart leap with excitement.

A large scale wave pool. These large waves 1.2 m (4 ft) will leave you feeling refreshed. The Big Wave will be held from 1 hour after opening to 1 hour before closing for 5 to 10 minutes per hour.

Kids Area

A forest-themed water play area with 10 items

In addition to exciting and exciting play equipment to attract children's interest, we also have a relaxing space for adults to watch smiling children. Enjoy resort time with the main pool, where you can feel the sea of pure white sand.

Playing with water at the waterside of the forest where living creatures like frogs and ladybugs live.

A forest wall graphic of living plants, and animals like insects and frogs spreads 3 meters high and 20 meters wide.The seven variety of equipment for playing with water before getting wet are at the surroundings.

Two exciting slides for thrilling experiences.

“Dokidoki Slide”, the symbol of the area, is a 13 m (42.65 ft, Height 110 cm (3.609 ft) or more, weight 70 kg or less) slide starting with the water arch tunnel full of speed feeling. “Dekoboko slides” includes three paths with bumping balls to change your slide directions. It is for children over 80 cm (2.625 ft) tall to enjoy.

The space for adults at the deck to overlook the whole area.

At the place that overlooks the area, parasols with leaf motif and a deck with sofa are arranged. You can watch your children while you are relaxing from the deck. You can also enjoy a footbath in the small pool full of 38°C (100.4°F) water at the bench near the play area.

Big Wave Pool

Large waves come to the Sea in the Forest, which is held for 10 minutes each time. Enjoy a moment of joy with powerful big waves up to 1.2 meters long.

Family SUP

This is an activity that parents and children can enjoy. Stand on a surfboard and use a paddle to navigate the water.

Pool Debut Support

Playing in the water is an important place to develop children's sensibilities. There are many devices in the kids area that make playing in the water fun. By going around the playground equipment in the kids area according to the stage of children's water habituation, curiosity about the water is fostered.

MISSION challenge using swim ring

Playing in the water is an important place to develop children's sensibilities. Children challenge themselves to the mission. Together with their parents, they share the sense of accomplishment of "I did it!" and provide an opportunity for growth that makes the pool more enjoyable. At the finish line, we will give you a wonderful present.

Facility Guide

Outdoor jet bath

Relax in this outdoor bath while being surrounded by an outstanding open view of nature. Enjoy the magnificent scenery during the day, or the magical atmosphere and starry sky at night. The cool air will gently refresh your mind and body.

Cafeteria Marina Blu

This beach side cafeteria provides a wide range of choices. The lunchtime menu offers snacks and desserts as well as thirst-quenching soft drinks, wines, and alcohol.


Rental and sales

We rent swimsuits, beach balls and other items that give you plenty of time on the beach. Parent-child pairs of swimsuits and beach dresses are also available for rent.

Business hours, User fees and Details


Open year-round

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (last entry 5:00 PM)

Price (1 day)


Adults 1,600 yen, ages 4 to 11 800 yen, ages 3 and under free

(guest with a pool admission ticket can be used for free during your stay)

■Day trip (all reservations must be made in advance, due at 5:00 PM the day before)

To purchase tickets, please click here.


■About food and drink

Bringing food and drink is basically prohibited. There are water dispensers and cafes on the beach, so please use them. Also, if you bring your own BYO (wine bottle purchased at Yatsugatake Winehouse), baby milk or baby food, be sure to call staff.

■About playground equipment

Please refrain from bringing anything except for playground equipment (such as floats) that is inflated. In addition, we may ask you to stop bringing in or using anything that property deems dangerous or would be a nuisance to other guest.

Reception / Entry

■Admission of children

For safety reasons, when children under elementary school age use the pool, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18. If the lifeguard deems it necessary for safety reasons, they may be asked to go up from the water.* Children whose diapers are not completely removed can use the pool by wearing swimming diapers and swimsuits. Swimming diapers are also available at the pool reception (800 yen/set of 4).

■Restrictions based on health condition

Do not use if you are not feeling well, have a heart disease or an infectious disease, or if your doctor prohibits you from exercising or bathing.

■Using guest with a tattoo

You can enter by hiding your tattoo. We have tattoo stickers (beige stickers that can cover small tattoos), so please let us know at the reception if you want one.

■We will give you enough towels for each person at the time of towel lending. Please return pool rental towels to the collection box in the dressing room or beachside.

■Pre-check-in and post-check-out use guest guests may use the pool before or after check-in. If you wish to use the pool before check-in, please stop by the hotel front desk and then go to the pool reception desk.

■If you stay in guest on the plan with a free pool pass, you can reenter the pool by simply showing your hotel card. guest, a corporate member, and guest, who stay in guest on the plan without a free pool pass, can reenter the hotel on the same day by showing a receipt for the first use. If you use the hotel on or after the next day, you will be charged the admission fee again.

About Pools

■Safety measures

"il mare" pool has a water absorption ditch in the center and in front of the wave machine. This water absorption ditch is fixed with dozens of bolts, which are periodically re-bolted. In addition, the water absorption rate is very slow, so it is not sucked hard. In the unlikely event that the lid comes off, there is a double net inside, and there is no space for people to be sucked and caught, so don't worry.

■Pool environment

Water temperature: 29 to 31 degrees C

Room temperature: around 30 degrees C

Humidity: 50% to 65%

* It depends on the season and the weather.

■Guide to "il mare"

Main pool (wave-making pool), water depth: 40 cm to 140 cm

Ball pool, water depth: 40 cm

Kids' area (7 playgrounds for playing in the water)

Body shower (high-pressure water sprays from the side)

Outdoor jet bath

■Wave time (Big Wave is held year-round)

From 1 hour after opening to 1 hour before closing, it lasts from 5 to 10 minutes per hour.

* During the Big Wave, parents and guardians must enter guest with children under elementary school age.

* If the lifeguard deems it necessary for safety reasons, they may be asked to go up from the water.

■Valuables locker

Available on the beach.