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  • Hotel LF



    “OTTO SETTE” is the main dining space of RISONARE Yatsugatake, the summer resort that located on the prefectural border of Yamanashi and Nagano, where a Japanese red pines forest of the Yatsugatake Plateaus (960 m / 3,150 ft) “OTTO” means the number “8”, stands for Yatsugatake.”SETTE” means the number “7”, stands for the seven experts who provide ingredients for “OTTO SETTE”.

  • Hotel 1F



    A fine restaurant where you could have a taste of our wine resort. The walls are decorated with wine boxes, murals of the grapes, and the ceiling is inspired by grape vine trellis. Enjoy the wines of Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures, just like having the delicious food in a vineyard.

  • Hotel 1F



    A relaxing bookstore for you to enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite book.There are variety of books lining up here,such as beautiful photo books and travel books. We also have general goods and postcards as souvenirs.

  • HOTEL 1F


    YATSUGATAKE Wine House has an wine dispenser (wine serving system) for you to taste 24 different wines. Please enjoy the wines of Yamanashi and Nagano and learn the producers’ thoughts, the local wine culture and history.

  • GELATERIA|Piment Street

    HARE terrace

    This Italian gelato specialty shop is dedicated to the theme of texture, depth of taste and variety.

  • Pool B1F

    Marina Blu

    Please be sure to check the pool "il mare" before visiting.

    A il mare cafeteria to soak up your pool stay

  • Western-style food|Piment Street


    Enjoy seasonal pasta and grilled Osteria using seasonal ingredients.

  • Western-style food|Piment Street

    Vegibier RISONARE Yatsugatake-Shop

    A healthy cafe for you to taste vegetables and game meat.

  • Cafe|Piment Street

    Kiyosato ham

    Slowly matured ham and sausage.

  • Japanese Food|Piment Street


    Our proud soba noodles made with high-quality buckwheat.

  • Cafe|Piment Street

    Maruyama Coffee

    Specialty coffee for everyday use.

  • A cafe that enriches your experience|Piment Street

    Marusa-marche Cooking Studio

    Think, make and eat by yourself. A cafe that enriches your experience.

  • Cafe|Piment Street

    Yatsugatake Farmer's Cake

    Sweets filled with natural deliciousness.

  • Cafe|Piment Street

    Boulangerie NODA

    Bakery with fun "animal bread" and "hard bread" that goes well with wine.