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Enjoy seasonal pasta and grilled Osteria using seasonal ingredients.

In Italy, which is long from north to south, every region has its own unique and varied local cuisine. The taste of this local cuisine is the origin of Osteria. "VINOTECA" is an Osteria that focuses on seasonal ingredients every day and uses them abundantly. We serve delicious vegetables grown with the bounty of Yatsugatake and meat from Yamanashi brand. We also focus on salt and black pepper, so we will continue to pursue simple and delicious dishes. We have a bottle of wine with delicate and pure fruit flavor that you can enjoy the feeling of blending into your core. In addition, we also have a variety of pasta dishes with the taste of manma.

Reservations available for lunch or dinner (TEL +81-551-30-7667)

Terrace seats available

Takeout available (Except for some menus, you can order by phone.)

Kids service kids chair, kids menu

Dog entrance terrace seats only