Piment Street, a city reminiscent of an Italian mountain city

Built in the image of an Italian mountain city, the 160 meter-long main street, Piment Street, is lined with restaurants, cafes, and general stores. The shops in Piment Street are also available for day trips, and the streets are crowded with locals, tourists, and many people.

We hold seasonal events

Piment Street hosts various events throughout the four seasons. In the spring, the cloisters are decorated with tulips like carpets to decorate the cloisters in RISONARE. Yatsugatake Marche in the summer, where local growers bring their specialties such as vegetables and fruits. Monster hosts THE HALLOWEEN HOTEL in October.

Cafes and restaurants themed around the lovely life of Yatsugatake

Yatsugatake Wine House where you can find local wines

Yatsugatake Wine House has 24 kinds of carefully selected wines from Yamanashi and Nagano Prefectures. The wines are available for tasting on a temperature-controlled server. There is also a handbook that describes the characteristics of the wines, so it is recommended for wine beginners.

Books & Cafe, a generous book store

You can relax and enjoy the cafe menu while reading your favorite books. In addition, we have a variety of special goods and works by local craft artists, so it is perfect for finding souvenirs.