Northern Japan's culinary delights

Aomoriya’s restaurants invite guests to enjoy the region’s rich culinary offerings in many different styles. 
  • Noresore Shokudo

    A kaccha—a maternal figure who traditionally runs the floor of a dining establishment—welcomes you to this buffet restaurant offering everything from regional food to Western dishes.

  • Nanbu Magariya

    Enjoy traditional dishes from Aomori such as "Nanako Hacchin Kaiseki" (Nanako Hacchin Kaiseki), which features 15 seafood dishes handed down to the people of Aomori, and "Kaiyaki Miso" (seashell grilled miso) for breakfast in this warm, old-fashioned house space.

  • Yottemare Sakaba

    This unpretentious bar, specializing in the region’s finest sake, is the perfect place to have just one more drink after an evening enjoying the hotel’s festivities.

  • Irori Lounge

    This relaxed space incorporates a mix of rural and contemporary Japanese architecture. Guests are welcome to visit the space when they wish to enjoy a complementary drink or to simply lounge around.

  • Yawatauma Lounge

    This lounge is limited to those who reserved. You can relax while enjoying sweets and drinks.