Look! Listen! Feel! Kanazawa Art Journey

Kanazawa is known as a "City of Art." With traditional crafts such as gold leaf and mizuhiki cord that began during the promotion of handicrafts during the Edo period, and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, the city is filled with places to enjoy art!

Enjoy art at OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi

OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi offers a wide range of activities that will enable you to experience the charms of Kanazawa, from traditional crafts to contemporary art. Look, listen, and feel to enjoy the art of Kanazawa.


Enjoy "Looking" at the Mizuhiki Cafe

A night-only cafe based on the traditional Kanazawa craft "Kaga Mizuhiki." Spend your evening in a space filled with light and shadows from mizuhiki ornaments and paper lanterns.


“About the Space”

The OMO Cafe & Bar is decorated with ornaments and paper lanterns made from mizuhiki. The light from the lanterns cast mizuhiki-patterned shadows throughout the space to create a magical atmosphere.

"About the Ornaments”

The mizuhiki ornaments are handmade by craftsmen of the original "Kaga Mizuhiki, Tsuda Mizuhiki Orikata." The design of the space expresses the "mindset of caring for others" which is the foundation of mizuhiki.

Enjoy "Listening" to the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Walking Tour

This is an original tour that allows you to more deeply enjoy Kanazawa's art spot, the "Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art." The OMO rangers will provide exciting tales about the history leading up to the establishment of the "21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa," as well as behind-the-scenes stories about the works and hidden spots.


"Early Bird Museum Tour"

This tour takes place right after the museum opens. There are fewer visitors at the museum during the early hours, so you can take your time exploring.

"21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa Full Experience"

This tour has an open ending! We will tour the "Public Zone" which has open admission. We recommend checking out before the tour departs, and visiting the Exhibition Zone (admission fee required) on your own after the tour ends!

Enjoy "Feeling" the Rikutsuna Mizuhiki Experience

A hands-on activity in which you will learn about "Kaga Mizuhiki" and try making it for yourself. OMO rangers will provide a lively explanation of the essence and roots of mizuhiki. You can take your creations home with you as a souvenir.


"Learn About the Essence of Mizuhiki"

The Mizuhiki Origata used for giving gifts is a symbol for a "mindset of caring for others." "Kaga Mizuhiki" is a Mizuhiki Origata that has been elevated to the level of an art form.

"Bring Your Memories Home"

After completing the "Mizuhiki Ume Musubi" activity, you can take it home in an original OMO box .

OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi is filled with attractions where you can experience the art of Kanazawa!

Items featuring designs from the traditional Kanazawa craft of "Kutani Ware" are displayed throughout the hotel and rooms.

We look forward to seeing you at OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi, where you can fully dive into the art of Kanazawa.