What is a beach resort

"Beach Resort" is one of the resort categories that focus on the delights of the beach and how to spend your time there. In RISONARE Kohamajima, throughout the day and year, we want to enhance not only the beach experience but also the unique activities and marine experience. Through these activities, we also offer a new style of travel: "regional attraction x resort stay" as a "beach resort" where visitors can experience the beauty and splendor of the beach and ocean. Enjoy all-suite guest room, an art wall that expresses the charm of Kohama Island, and meals that match your stay.

01. A small, high-quality private resort

~Small luxury, full of privacy~

Kohama Island is located in the center of the Yaeyama Islands. With views of cobalt blue coral reefs and endless white sand beaches, it suggests ways to enjoy the beach and the sea throughout the year, providing the best possible experience for each hour of the day. Floating in the calm sea early in the morning, you can experience the "Morning Sun Lounge" where you can elegantly enjoy the ever-changing scene of the rising sun, and the "Tingerla Hammock" where 21 prime stars and the Milky Way, the most in the country, shine in an otherworldly night sky, you can feel the time as if it melts with the night sky. From the start to the end of your trip to RISONARE Kohamajima, gather, amuse and spend time on the beach. Meet your dreams and create an ever-evolving private beach resort.

02. All-suite guest room

~Only 60 all-suites on a 360,000 square-foot lot~

Guest room, an all-suite hotel facing the east side of Kohama Island, has the best view of the sea and all rooms are over 53 square meters. Outside the windows you can feel the calm air of the southern island with bougainvillea and alamanda flowers, adan and island banana trees. Enveloped in the private feel of a mansion, the Royal Suite is an extravagant 95 square meters with a private pool, outdoor jet bath and gazebo. Stylish art walls throughout all guest room depict an encounter with the charms of Kohama Island, depicting the waters and islands of Yaeyama, goats lounging on the island and manta rays swimming gracefully. The art walls are created by the architect unit Klein Daisum Architects (KDa) and will excite your stay. Enjoy a luxurious holiday on a remote island in Okinawa.

03. Aim for an advanced experience

~An advanced experience that brings new value every time you visit~

Because it is an overnight stay on a remote island in Okinawa, you will realize a futuristic way of spending time like an adventure into the unknown. You will feel the calm wind while overlooking the sea of Kohama Island, and you will be able to drive on the vast field of the property with mobility including electric assist cycle. We see mobility not only as a means of transportation but also as an entertainment where you can go out for the best view at the best time and not worry about time or place. In order to become a "mobility haven" that will change the way visitors view travel, we aim to introduce new ways of spending time and values at the resort by introducing electric kickboards and mobility on and under water.