We offer a wide range of services, including restaurants, cafes, activities, spas, beaches, pools and golf, to help you enjoy a more complete resort stay.


The beach of RISONARE Kohamajima has a large sandy beach. Enjoy it in various ways, such as relaxing on the deck chairs under the parasols (beach umbrellas) or having fun by participating in the activities of the sea.


Kohamajima Country Club

Try the golf surrounded by the world’s treasure coral reefs. The golf will not only make your body move but also relax your mind. The azure location that blurs the boundary between the sky and the sea, pale grass and greens that extend far away, and light-brown bunkers interspersed with the sunshine peculiar to the southern country, and creates a wonderful contrast.


Beach & Pool

The pool by the beach house overlooks the coral reef sea. It is the most scenic pool on the eastern side of Kohama Island. Have fun at the beach, relax at the pool or take a rest at the books & cafe. Everyone who visits can enjoy it in their own way.


Lagoon Pool

An elegant and luxurious swimming pool in the lagoon area. Relaxing by the chalk poolside satisfies you.



Overlooking the cobalt blue sea and vast beaches, the semi-outdoor beach house has a great location. It's the best resting place to spend your time after playing in the sea. We also have/provide rental goods for the beach & pool.


Gajumaru Tree Terrace

Gajmal Tree Terrace overlooking the cobalt blue sea. From the rising sun on the horizon to the beautiful sea scenery, you can enjoy a spectacular view that changes every moment depending on the time of day.


Gajmal Square

Gajmal square with branches and leaves gently covering the head. You wander over to swing in the shade of a tree and surrender yourself to a time of longing.

Tingala Hammock

The Yaeyama Islands area is known as one of the most beautiful night skies in Japan. The large "Tingala Hammock" is set in a spot having excellent views in the resort. Enjoy the crystal clear starry sky while lying in the large hammock.



Necessities of stay, convenient daily necessities, souvenirs of travel are lined up.


Shower space

We set the shower facility next to the beach house pool. You are welcome to use it after playing in the sea or the pool.


Craft room

You can enjoy various craft experiences such as candles made from Ryukyu glass and shells, "Shisar ", the guardian deity of Okinawa, and sand art.


Work room

A functional work room overlooking the cobalt blue ocean. Items essential for working remotely are also available.

* Reception at the front desk



The amenities in the rooms include (The size of the bed and day bed is listed on the guest rooms page.)


•Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap

•Facetowl, Bathtowl, Nightware, Bathmat

•Tea and Coffee

•Sanitary Back Toilet Paper Tissue Paper

Amenities to be given at the front desk

•our building does not offer plastic amenities in guest room. The following amenities are provided at the front desk.

•Toothbrushes, cotton swabs, razors, cotton and hair rubber cleansers, facial cleansers, lotions and milky lotions


•Air conditioners, dryers, electric pots, refrigerators, LCD TVs, flashlights

Room service

We are sorry that we do not provide room service.


There are coin laundries available.

Group use

For group stays, please call or email us.


•Please wear a collared shirt to play. There are no rules in the clubhouse.

•Only self-play is allowed.

•To protect the turf, we ask that you use soft spikes and spikeless. Rental shoes (Round: ¥1,000) are available.

•Rental clubs are a full set (¥6,000 per round).

•The competition room is on the first floor of the clubhouse, but it is not available for awards ceremonies.

•For visitors to the Kohama Island Country Club, please see the access. There are no taxis from KohamaPort. Please use the hotel's courtesy bus.


•Activities, property and more are available before check-in and after check-out.

•property on Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Kohamajima is for guests only.

•There is one barrier-free room in the superior suite. Other rooms and the building have stairs when moving.

•Post Office: 10 minutes by car from the hotel.

•Bank: Not in Kohama Island (located in Ishigaki Island).

•Convenience Store: Not in Kohama Island (located in Ishigaki Island).

•Delivery (Yamato Transport): At the front desk.

Please contact the front desk.

•If medical attention is needed, we will direct you to the nearest medical facility.


property on Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Kohamajima is for guests only, except for the golf course.